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  1. shupe13


    It was time to add a new 7 to the herd. The neck is absolutely amazing.
  2. shupe13


    I actually got one. I'm so stoked.
  3. shupe13

    Hipshot Bridge

    I'm going to replace the stock bridge on my 2019 Jackson HT7P with a Hipshot bridge. My question is do I need the .125 baseplate or the.175 baseplate? Hipshot recommends the .125 for guitars without a neck to body angle which I believe there is none on this model. Hipshot hasn't told me this...
  4. shupe13


    I was in the market for a new 7 and ran across an Ola Englund video where he was playing one. I saw where Sam Ash had one in stock for $899. When I got to the store, they had just marked it down to $599! I played it though a few different amps and it sounded killer so I decided I'd take it...
  5. shupe13

    Solid State Amplifiers

    I bounce back and forth between tube and SS amps way more than I should. I'm currently in the market for a new amp. I'm familiar with the tube greats out there but what current SS amp offers a solid djenty, 7 string friendly tone with out having to spend a ton? I'm contemplating buying a 2x12...
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    Got my first 7 string multi scale. Cheap. Easy to play and sounds good to me.
  7. shupe13

    Jem Jr Mods

    Has anyone modded one of these yet?
  8. shupe13

    Jem Jr Mods

    Has anyone modded one of these yet? [/URL][/IMG]
  9. shupe13

    I'm In a Movie

    Just wanted to let you know I had the great fortune to play a small part in a movie filmed some 3-4 years back. It premieres on HBO on February 23rd at 1000pm. See if you can find me lol! YouTube has a couple of trailers.
  10. shupe13


    New used guitar day! Well I was able to pickup a used Schecter Damien Elite 8 today. As posted before it's not mint but in very good shape. Surprisingly I'm not having difficulty transitioning to an 8. I've only briefly owned a 7 a few years back. I'm sure it's a 2011, so that's the 26 inch...
  11. shupe13

    Schecter Damien Elite 8

    I just put a used Damien Elite 8 on layaway until the first. Everything works as it should but there are minor blemishes I'll take care of when I get her home. I posted in the Luthiery, Modifications and Customization section and I'd appreciate you guys looking at the thread and comment.
  12. shupe13

    Sanding Damien 8 Neck

    I just put my first 8 on layaway until the first. It's a used Schecter Damien 8. The older shorter scale I believe. The guitar functions perfectly but there are some minor dings here and there. There are shallow surface dings along the back of the neck that will cause my OCD to flair up so...
  13. shupe13

    Quick Question

    I'm pretty sure I'm picking up a Schecter Damien Elite 8 in the next week or so. It's used in near mint at my buds shop. I realize there are better out there but I won't have much invested if we don't bond. My question is this... With the low end the 8 produces would a decent bass amp...
  14. shupe13

    NGD MAB 1 Armorflame/NAD THR5

    Yesterday was a good day for me!:hbang: I was on a mission to grab a new axe. Open mind, cash in pocket and a full tank of gas. I decided to hit the local pawn shop first. It had been a year or two since my last visit. And there it was... a Dean MAB 1 for just under 6 bills. I always wanted to...
  15. shupe13

    NBD/NBAD! Dean Edge & Bassman 250

    Hello all. Just scored a new Dean Edge Pro 4 and a new Fender Bassman 250! I've wanted the Dean for about a year now and the moon and stars were aligned and I was able to get the 250 as well. Now I'm not a bassist by any means, but I believe I have the tools to get started. :hbang: I have to...
  16. shupe13

    Can't play 6ers anymore

    Went into my buddies guitar shop today just to kill time. He put together a Behringer PA system and wanted help setting the parameters on the mixer. So I beat around on a drum kit (I felt like a spaz as I have zero skill and he is a professional drummer). So he makes several adjustments and...
  17. shupe13

    Galveston Pro Series 7 UB7000

    Anyone own this 7 string bass or played it? Looks really cool. Cheap price. I ran across it on ebay. I am unable to get any info other than what the ebay seller has to say about it.:yesway: :noway:
  18. shupe13

    Brice 6 String Neck-thru

    I've been looking at basses and not being a bass player I don't want to spend a ton. I ran across a cool looking Douglas 6er and a Brice 6er. Any thoughts?
  19. shupe13

    Drum machine

    Looking for a drum machine that produces sounds like Sevendust "7" and "And Justice For All' era Metallica. Not a drummer by any means. Love the tight double bass sound. Not for recording (maybe down the road). Able to run it through an amp head and easy to operate. I want realism not rap or...
  20. shupe13


    I've been on youtube and between Dino, Marten and a kid (medicatedband), I'm wanting the 2228 bad! I'm guessing its been out long enough to be problem free and strings readily available? As I am not rich by far, I can't afford any problems.