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  1. Fluence of Shred

    NGD: Esp Ltd Stephen Carpenter SC608B

    I didn’t want to do this until I got my Carpenter fluence set, but I couldn’t resist because I mentioned it in the EMG megathread. I really wanted the ESP version but it was sold out, jk jk omg as if, it’s too much, I could get an ESP custom shop of my own specs for $4,000! And now they charge...
  2. Fluence of Shred

    EBMM Skinny Top Heavy Bottom .09-.80 gauge

    I tune fairly standard, F#, and sometimes ill just do drop E on the 8th string.... I was going through sets, and I haven’t seen a lot I liked over the years; a lot of the early 8 string sets weren’t very balanced or to my taste, and so I bought a few sets over the years from tom winspear I...
  3. Fluence of Shred

    ESP Stef B8

    Of all the signature guitars out, the one Ive always had my eye on was this. With fluence pickups its like its the best iteration of the model ever. I love ESP and I havent been able to get my hands on one of these. Has anyone played or own one? How is the neck profile, and how does it feel...
  4. Fluence of Shred

    How are Kiesel 8 string customs?

    Ive been looking at all of the online sites that have good brand custom shops, and ESP was the best along with Jackson from the 90’s but a lot of new guys are around and i wanted to ask about Kiesel What is their rep, and how are their 8 string multiscale offerings? The Vader looks great, and...
  5. Fluence of Shred

    Favorite boutique ERG

    What are your favorite brands and models of boutique ERG? personally I love Oni and Padalka. I think the Padalka Neptune is gorgeous Oni Essi 8 has been my dream axe for a few years What boutiques are interesting to look out for ?
  6. Fluence of Shred

    Need advice from strandberg and Oni fans

    So I love both brands and I want one of each , oni essi and boden metal Now, here’s the issue: i can get a strandberg metal 8 for 2k flat and do it in interest fee monthly payments OR I can pay/wait Oni at some point, and in a year or so, ill have the guitar Pros and Cons to buying the...
  7. Fluence of Shred

    What to expect for a custom 8 [from the nicer companies like ESP, Oni, etc.]

    Strandberg and Abasi guitars really have everything one, or at least I, could ask for in an ERG. They are also quite pricey, but reasonable enough. ESP and Abasi and Strandberg are reasonable enough, but the more custom like Padalka and Oni get a bit more. I have never ordered a custom, and it...
  8. Fluence of Shred

    Parker MaxxFly 7 string models - [and compared to EBMM]

    These guitars look incredible like most Parker’s. I havent had the chance to play one, though Ive tried a 6 string - very light guitars, ergonomic, and nice to play. I did think there was a little less tonal strength, but that was perhaps just a first impression through the rig i was trying at...
  9. Fluence of Shred

    Anyone successfully coil tapped their Fluence Modern or Stef Carpenter set?

    So Fishman claims the wiring diagram for coil taps works, even though in the past they were not good with wiring diagrams has anyone got the carpenter or modern set to split coil voice 3? If so how did you achieve this? Wiring? Soldering? Some kind of EMG cable? I’m trying to add “voice 3” or...
  10. Fluence of Shred

    Hello SSO -There and back again

    WUZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Lol bringin it back! I was a member here many years ago [forgot my username and no longer have my old email account for recovery], and after moving back to the states I finally got back into my guitar gear and writing/recording again! I will admit I am rusty as...