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  1. ukfswmart

    How does that saying go, once you go Mac you never go back?

    It's missing the buttons at the side :squint:. I actually can't live without having those to activate Exposé functions, they're so time-saving How old was your Dell back then? The earlier versions of MacOS really didn't run very well on the G4 machines; it'd be comparable to installing Vista...
  2. ukfswmart

    You've got to be kidding me...

    UK guys: is it me, or does that French presenter look like a cross between Nicky Clarke and Lovejoy? :nuts: The red-spectacled girl looks like an ugly version of Reese Witherspoon :noway:
  3. ukfswmart

    Obzen art; worth buying the hard copy for?

    I don't see how 128kbps AAC is 'abuse of the system'. Most people can't even tell the difference between CD-quality audio and 128kbps mp3, which is sounds even worse than the same bitrate in AAC. Hell, why do you think Sony are still using ATRAC on their devices? :lol: That shit sounds baaaaad...
  4. ukfswmart

    How does that saying go, once you go Mac you never go back?

    Yeah, that's probably because it was a G4 running OSX :lol:
  5. ukfswmart

    That old white ESP beveled/carved top RR

    :wallbash: :scream:
  6. ukfswmart

    Ebay trend

    Report it to eBay. Artificially raising a bid is known as 'shilling', and it's against eBay policy. You don't want to buy from guys like this as a) they'll do anything to inflate the price, b) give you a bad experience, and c) possibly run off with your money
  7. ukfswmart

    Got my lip pierced!

    Seriously dude, leave it a while before trying to have the hoop put in. Yeah, you want it now really badly, but if you don't want for it to heal properly you risk damaging the piercing. The swelling will go down, and as long as you clean it after every time you eat or drink, it should heal up...
  8. ukfswmart

    Which budget mic?

    I can drive in nails, both acrylic and natural. I just have to be careful not to catch them on the stick when I change gear :stitch:
  9. ukfswmart

    Obzen art; worth buying the hard copy for?

    Dude, who doesn't short-change artists in this genre? :nuts:
  10. ukfswmart

    Which budget mic?

    My Behringer monitors are about 3 1/2 - 4 years old and they're still going strong, and my dad's had a Behringer compressor for as long as I can remember and he's never had any problems with it. I guess Behringer stuff is just inconsistent, more than anything
  11. ukfswmart

    Which budget mic?

    The man speaks the truth; an SM58 is pretty much the bottom rung on the ladder of mics worth spending money on, in my opinion
  12. ukfswmart

    Got my lip pierced!

    There's that word again :ugh: I didn't get any of my piercings to follow any trends, or to try to look cool, or to fit in with any particular subculture. I got them because I think they look good; some of them have a deeper level of reasoning for wanting them done. Same with tattoos; I don't...
  13. ukfswmart

    Obzen art; worth buying the hard copy for?

    Not necessarily true; you need to factor in manufacturing, storage and distribution costs on top of that $8.91 to determine whether they'd get any more from hard sales
  14. ukfswmart

    How does that saying go, once you go Mac you never go back?

    Kagami's right; it's Windows that can't read the Mac OS HFS-formatted partition. I've heard that there are elements of ZFS in Leopard but nothing of consequence to any end-user, but I guess once both OSs run on ZFS-formatted drives, future Mac OS / Windows dual-booting systems won't have a...
  15. ukfswmart

    Maclaren boss Ron Dennis to quit?

    Not seen anything on the BBC News site about this, so I'm throwing caution to the wind Personally, I think it would be a shame for him to leave before seeing the past ten-or-so years of work in Lewis Hamilton come to fruition this season :D
  16. ukfswmart

    How would YOU play it?

    That would be a no, then
  17. ukfswmart

    Another LOLcat for Drew

    Aaahahahah :rofl: 'Sentence structure' should be 'syntax', though :squint:
  18. ukfswmart

    Got my lip pierced!

    Two weeks? You're going to have to keep that ridiculously clean if you want it to heal enough to replace with a hoop in that space of time :wavey: Oooh, that had to have hurt :erk:. I'm pretty sure you can pierce scar tissue though man, it's just a lot tougher than normal tissue
  19. ukfswmart

    Overlooked Amps

    I think if something / someone's reputation precedes them, they can hardly be classed as overlooked :lol: