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  1. sojorel

    Bass guitar rebuilt as 8 string?

    Has anyone ever taken a bass guitar and rebuilt it as an 8 string? I was contemplating getting a cheap project bass, stripping it down, replacing the nut, tuners and electronics with guitars, then djonting into oblivion. Anyone tried this? Any reason its a bad idea?
  2. sojorel

    Jackson B7 oil finish maintenance?

    I have a 2013 Jackson B7 with an oil finish. The support site for Jackson isn't clear on how to treat it. What would you suggest? High quality furniture polish, or just normal guitar polish or something else?
  3. sojorel

    Quiet replacements for EMG 57/66

    I have an ESP Eclipse with stock EMG 57/66 and it is quite a noisy guitar. There is a fair bit of electrical interference so was considering swapping the pickups. The cavity looks like it has been shielded correctly too. I have a bunch of passive pickups that would do the job, but the wiring is...
  4. sojorel

    Polishing satin finish guitars

    Hey hey I have a couple of satin finish guitars (Ibanez RGD 2127, and US Strandberg) that both have the usual gloss areas where fingers/forearm rests and around the volume knobs. I'd prefer the top to look more consistent, which I guess means polishing it to the same level of shine as the...
  5. sojorel

    Buckeye burl - good or bad?

    I see a lot of comments about bad poplar burl - the burl virus proliferation, poop in a pool burl etc. What about buckeye burl? Do you think it is good? Are there bad examples of buckeye? Post a pic of some rad or bad buckeye and prove your point!
  6. sojorel

    Fix for direct mount pickups on JP16- too close to strings

    I have a JP16-7 and it has the stock pickups and floyd rose. The problem is the direct mounted pickups means there is no height adjustment. For the bass strings, there is only a few mm clearance to the bridge pickup. It clips the input to pretty much everything (kemper or axe fx) and sounds...
  7. sojorel

    What product for blackening rosewood board available in Australia?

    As per the title, what would you recommend for blackening a rosewood board available in Australia? Would some of the generic wood stains (like Feast Watson or Minwax from Bunnings/Masters) be suitable? Thanks for your thoughts!
  8. sojorel

    (AUS) Caparison Dellinger 7, Schecter ATX C8, Parker

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Caparison Dellinger 7 hard tail in natural mahogany finish. Great condition, no nicks or damage. Modifications (if any): Bareknuckle Miracle Man matched set in burnt chrome installed. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Yes, Caparison hard case...
  9. sojorel

    NGD - M80M with sound clips

    Got this today and snapped a some quick pics before the light disappeared: Here is a quick soundclip using the stock strings (65, 54, 42-9): My, this case is rather longer than normal Yawn, just another RG8 But wait...
  10. sojorel

    Seymour Duncan Blackouts 7 String Soapbar

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Seymour Duncan Blackouts 7 string, either the AHB-1 or the Mick Thompson AHB-3. Must be Phase II (Soapbar/ EMG replacement) Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc):N/A Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Canberra, Australia International OK?: You bet. Contact...
  11. sojorel

    Firebrand Pickups

    Firebrand Pickups are the pickup to give your guitar a unique look. We have a range of 6 string and 7 string humbuckers, along with bass pickups. These will have custom, hand-inked covers in a range of styles to suit your favorite axe. Every set of custom covers are hand-inked in Australia...
  12. sojorel

    What makes a good pickup demo?

    I was watching some Suhr clips online and started thinking about what makes a good pickup demonstration. They seem to do the bit of gear in question with a few styles and a player just jamming out solo. (The above clip is for the black ice guitar specifically) BKP seems to do mixed...
  13. sojorel

    NGD PRS DiMarzio Dominions [56k]

    I got this a while ago, and wanted to bond with it before an NGD. I dropped some Dominions in there, and they are great. I was feeling the vibe yesterday, thinking how great everything is and wanted to share the moment with you fine folks. Enjoy!
  14. sojorel

    Wiring fail - Dimarzio with PRS 5 way rotary

    Help! I installed some DiMarzio dominions into a PRS with 5 way rotary and it has not gone right. I put the red to the red, black to black, white to white, bare and green to ground, same as the PRS pups that were in there previously. On the neck pickup position (5) it is really weak...
  15. sojorel

    Agh - RF interference is killing me

    My guitar room is giving me mad RF interference to the point where it is painful to play. What can I do to deal with it? It is across multiple guitars too (some are better/worse than others though) :idea:
  16. sojorel

    How do YOU make playthroughs/covers?

    Talk about the best way to make a playthrough or a cover! What programs do you use to record/ isolate tracks? How many takes do you do? What phase of the moon is best?
  17. sojorel

    Pickup covers and desirability - BKP

    I was wondering whether part of the mojo around BKP is to do with the variety of covers they have - tiger, distressed, burnt chrome, aged etc. Would they be half as popular if they were all plain black bobbins? Alternately, would more people buy DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, Generic X if they...
  18. sojorel

    Thinnest body possible?

    What is the thinnest you could make a body and still have it structurally sound? Parker seem pretty thin. Ibanez S series are thin at the edges, but still pretty chunky in the middle to accomodate the trem system. Blackmachine look thin, but hard to tell from photos. Basically looking for...
  19. sojorel

    Naturalising Schecter neck

    I was going to naturalise my ATX-C8 (mahogany neck), then tung oil it for maximum win. How can I get a neat edge at the heel similar to this: (I realise that the carvin hasn't been sanded back, it's just to illustrate what I mean.) Thanks for any advice!
  20. sojorel

    Quick connects for pickups

    I'm getting a whole bunch of pups soon and wanted to hook them up with some phase switching/coil split etc. I'm fine on how to do that. The added bit of magic I was considering was a quick connect setup. Since I'm thinking about 4 or 5 pup sets across several guitars changed fairly often, I...

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