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  1. Sumsar

    All aboard the Black Winter Train

    Last year I brought a Schecter Blackjack 7 string with decent Seymour Duncan pickups in the form of the JB-7 / jazz-7 combo. They work pretty well, but the JB-7 had to go. Sounds too scooped and too bassy. I wanted something that cuts more and is more midfocused, but not in a djent quack quack...
  2. Sumsar

    Belated NGD: Schecter C-7 Blackjack (from mid 00's)

    Hi! Always searching the danish used markets, which usually don't have more than a handfull of 7 strings I came across this about half a year ago and jumped on it immidiatly since the price was a steal. 250 euro for what is arguably a 1000 euro (from new) guitar. It is a pretty old version of...
  3. Sumsar

    NAD: Marshall JVM410H (and demo with BW7)

    Hi Guys Grapped one of these used about a month ago at a great price (600 euro) which is like half of the new price. This is a very different amp to the Peavey 6505 and EVH 5153 that I own. Totally different voicing, and very much a welcome amp in my collection for recording. More pronounced...
  4. Sumsar

    Dream Theater - Overture 1928 cover

    Probably not the first nor the last cover of this song ever made :lol: Still it is a really great song to learn to play: A bunch of easier parts that most people will nail fairly quickly and then a couple of harder parts, with the keyboard unison lead towards the end as some of the hardest as...
  5. Sumsar

    Guitar Speaker Designer Interview (lots of knowlegde)

    Just wanted to share this great video on speakers that Kristian Kohle did, which is an interview with one of the guys from Jensen Speakers. Lots of cool knowledge that I thought a lot of people on here would find interesting. I have zero relation to either of them, just thought it was a cool...
  6. Sumsar

    Cabinet Comparison (4x12, 2x12, Closed back, Open Back, EVH, Peavey)

    It the cabinet more important than the amp? Usually we spend a lot more time discussing amps (should I get a 5150 stealth, EL34 or 6L6?) than we do discussing cabinets. The cabinet side is just assumed to not be that big a deal and we might use the same for all our different amps. However as you...
  7. Sumsar

    EVH 5153 15 watt LBX vs 50 watt

    Hey folks. I got the EVH 5153 15 watt LBX some years back and was really impressed with it for a small size amp. That along with everyone on here continously posting about the amp made me want to buy a bigger version of it, which I then did about half a year ago - no regrets, it is an awesome...
  8. Sumsar

    Muting tremolo springs and strings behind the nut

    Dunno if this is the right subforum, I guess this is guitar setup? Did a video on how I mute both the tremolo springs and the parts of the strings that are not supposed to ring (see bottom of post). This mainly resolves the problem of getting tight chugs when playing metal, but I am curious if...
  9. Sumsar

    Behemoth Guitar and Bass Cover

    Did another cover of a Behemoth song, this time "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel". Guitar is an old 2007 or 2008 Schecter Blackjack 7 with Seymour Duncans 59/JB, unlike most guitars from that time that all came with EMGs. New one for me this time was to reamp through my EVH 5150 and record the cab...
  10. Sumsar

    New lyric video from my band (that I made)

    Hi guys, did a thing, check it. First time ever doing a lyric video, so didn't really know how to go about it, so we tried a bunch of stuff. Ended up with video of the drummer biking through a forest with a go-pro attached, then black and white, colorgrade and speed up and down as a backdrop...
  11. Sumsar

    Sweep Picking Hand Syncronization

    Did a lesson on hand syncronozation covering what I think is the prime issue people have with getting their sweeps to sound fluent. Check it out if you are into the shreds!
  12. Sumsar

    Sweep picking basics

    Hi guys, starting a new series on sweep picking, gonna cover everything from the basics to some fairly advanced stuff, here just beginning with a good old third inversion major arpeggio in a 3 string version :)
  13. Sumsar

    Metal Riffing in 3/4 (Lesson)

    Hi guys, did another lesson on playing in different time signatures. This time 3/4. The riffs are pretty inspired by the Mayhem song 'Impious Devious Leper Lord' from the Chimera album. It can give some really cool grooves, much different to what we hear 98% of the time in metal. I think my...
  14. Sumsar

    Ola Englund riff challenge

    Hi guys, after watching Ola's Sunday with Ola I decided to give his riff challenge a try, here is what I ended up with: Anyone else doing these? Show your videos! The challenge is that he does a little tune in the start of every video and provides the drums so that others can try and write...
  15. Sumsar

    Black Metal in 7/4

    Some time ago I did a cover of the Mayhem song 'Impious Devious Leper Lord' which goes in 3/4 for pretty much the entire song and it got me thinking of writing black metal in other time signatures than 4/4, which I bet a good 95% of all bm is written in. I think it works well and gives a cool...
  16. Sumsar

    Low Gain Black Metal

    So I wrote this riff a week or two ago and created a lesson for it. The basic premise is the black metal riffs you can write without using a ton of gain and having a blastbeat going over it. Other types of riffs, like this one, can sound just cool, but in a very different way.
  17. Sumsar

    Symphony X - Sea of Lies

    Hi guys, did a cover of the good old classic Symphony X song, Sea of Lies. I covered the whole track, though drums and keys are samples - also I did the whole song in E instead of D. Michael Romeo and Symphony X was probably the reason I got into playing electric guitar. Up untill that point...
  18. Sumsar

    Marduk style riffing

    Hi, I did a new lesson on how to play in the style of Marduk. Also know as playing tremolo picked powerchords really fast and aggresive for some very straight forward blackmetal!
  19. Sumsar

    How big a difference does different guitars make in a mix?

    Hi guys, I did a little video comparing how my different guitars sound when thrown in a mix: Yes they are pretty much all superstrats with humbuckers, but still they are all different guitars that only share some specs between them. I know that a Les Paul will sound wastly different from a...
  20. Sumsar

    Igorrr - Caros (Cover)

    Something pretty different today. Normally I do black metal stuff on my seven string, but this is an acoustic cover, and honestly acoustics are a bitch to record! String, fret and finger noise that just seems to be even louder when recorded. I guess the best tip would be for me to practice more...

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