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  1. jonajon91

    What makes a better drummer? A musician who learns drums or a drummer that learns music.

    As far as I know, any drummer that I have ever met started out just hitting drums and recreating what they've heard and then slowly improved as they dabble in theory and lessons, years later they'll have a comprehensive knowledge of rhythm, structure and music, but not harmony or tonality. For...
  2. jonajon91

    An AI program learnt to play Meshuggah

    DadaBots is a project where an AI listens and learns from albums, they have done math rock, black metal and pop among others. I've listened through a few and the beatles and the meshuggah ones were best for sure. Worth noting that this isn't learnt through midi, it is all done through audio so...
  3. jonajon91

    Online song masher upper - Mix two songs and post your favorites. Rate or review your own creations so it doesn't just turn into pages of spam. Jakub Zytecki and Chelsea Wolfe 9/10 Giles Corey and Merzbow 1/10 for musicality - 10/10 for comedy, there are tears coming out of my...
  4. jonajon91

    Accidentally Joined a Deathcore band, help me with songwriting.

    I've been part of bands for all of my life, but I had a busy year or so and had to stop playing with people, I had the opportunity to play some metal (vague) with some people and to be honest I was just happy to be playing bass again. These guys are name dropping Carnifex every few minutes so...
  5. jonajon91

    Five string headless bass

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Headless 5 string bass (Steinberger/hohner/kiesel) Additional Accessories: Some kind of case Your Location: Derbyshire UK (UK only) International OK?: No Contact Info: [email protected] Price: Up to Five hundred pounds
  6. jonajon91

    Small 5 string bass to put on my back while riding a motorbike?

    Looking for something like a steinberger bass, but I've heard that they are not the best quality instruments. Needs to be five string, headless, small body and lightweight. I'm happy to chuck around five hundred pounds at this. Any ideas?
  7. jonajon91

    Need a versatile 5 string Jazz bass. Up to £1,000

    Going to be playing Jazz bass on a cruise ship in a few months time, I need a more appropriate bass since the jazziest bass I have is fretless and that's not ideal. Ill need one that can cover swing, latin, fusion and pop arrangements.
  8. jonajon91

    Make five to ten seconds of music in the next fifteen minutes.

    I didn't think this was serious enough for the general music discussion, but I had some fun with this so I thought I'd share the idea. These are the two I did, I probably spent ten mins on each.
  9. jonajon91

    Does anyone have Completed files that they could share for educational reasons?

    I'm looking for completely mixed and mastered files that I could see and have a fiddle with to see what's going on and where I'm doing wrong. I'm running a pretty old version of cubase (5 I think) and have looked around online, but the closest I can find are stem files. I think that explains...
  10. jonajon91

    Can any male singers sing these 22 bars of music for me? (

    I've got to track these vocals for a project at uni that I'm working on. I thought I'd be able to just wallow it out myself, but I've just been sat here for an hour and I really don't think I have what it takes. First of all you have complete freedom with the passage. It's around 50BPM, but you...
  11. jonajon91

    Can we talk about how mind numbingly brilliant 'Blackstar' is?

    First of all, I'm not the biggest Bowie fan in the world only really knowing Low, The rise and fall of Ziggy star dust and Blackstar, but his death yesterday truly knocked me, I didn't really know what to do. I couldn't listen to anything too cheery, I couldn't listen to anything sad and I...
  12. jonajon91

    So What did you all get for Christmas? Give us a look

    Well Ill be damned if Christmas didn't deliver this year! So what was in your stocking this year.
  13. jonajon91

    Swans thread. Anyone else here a fan?

    How come I never see anyone here talking about swans here? I understand that they are not a very extended range band but that hasn't stopped people discussing other band. New sounds Old sounds Chart
  14. jonajon91

    So I've just ordered one months worth of liquid food.

    Time to see what the future tastes like. Ill start with a little disclaimer, I've started my third year of university and my diet is just awful, I never want to cook, I don't want to buy food, I dont want to store it. At the moment i'm living off pot noodles, mangos and the occasional sausage...
  15. jonajon91

    Draw an album, guess albums that other people have drawn.

    This has kept me and my friends amused for the last few days, but i'm starting to run out of albums to guess so I figured i'd share it here. If you make an account then you can keep track of your score, draw covers and post in their little forum. Most of the albums on here are pretty /mu/core...
  16. jonajon91

    If you like *popular band*, you should listen to *less popular band*.

    Title sums it up pretty well. Figured we could make a little database between us. Any that you guys come up with ill add to the OP. If it gets large enough I could probably split it into genres. Here's a few to start with. Updated 10/14/2015 1217 CT Thought you could use a little help. I...
  17. jonajon91

    Holy Sh*t moments in music.

    What are some moments in music of 2015 or earlier that have gotten an audible 'holy sh*t' out of you. For me this year there have only been two and they were Vladamirs vocal solo from David maxim micics EGO ep and the bass tone from Between the Buried and Me's Famine Wolf from their new album...
  18. jonajon91

    David Maxim Micic Megathread - Eco/Ego

    Bilo:1 Bilo:2.0 Bilo:3.0 Destiny potato LP Eco Ego Yeah this guy needs his own thread instead of a new one every time he puts an album out. Bilo:2.0 is one of my favorite albums and 3.0 is not far behind it. DMM is a phenomenal guitarist and composer. I think Eco/ego is planned to be more...
  19. jonajon91

    Best YouTube series for learning Jazz bass?

    I've been playing bass for around eight years and I would say i'm pretty good at it, but there is a considerable hole where my jazz bass playing should be. Around two years ago, I joined a local big band which really helped my reading and jazz technique, but things like improvising walking bass...
  20. jonajon91

    EDC - What items do you take everywhere, everyday?

    EDC = Every day carry I'm actually not all that interesting, but i'm thinking that some of you guys might be. My bag is actually empty 90% of the time apart from headphones and my hard drive, but they're not pictured.

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