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  1. oompa

    1990s 'Big Four' bands v2? Share your thoughts!

    Friends, this ^ It's not the big four of metal, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth are the big four of trash. Otherwise you'd have to start talking about bands like Iron Maiden who have probably sold as many albums as all of those four combined. As for a second big four of trash, OP's...
  2. oompa

    I know some of you have terrible taste in music

    you must be OGT, back from 92, from the first EP
  3. oompa

    Epic Games buys Bandcamp... Wait, what?

    for the Bandcamp part I have no power to make any difference, all I can do is hope it gets better. And that was based on the comment on the Epic games store, it's not about the consumer price. I said the developers. The revenue split on engines and games is more beneficial for game developers...
  4. oompa

    Epic Games buys Bandcamp... Wait, what?

    This is interesting. Hopefully it turns out well. I absolutely love the concept that Bandcamp provides and I have bought a tonne of music there over the years, I think it is a brilliant way for the non-pop music industry to transition into the digital age.. but the site is also pretty.. uh...
  5. oompa

    LG Petrov (Entombed) has died from cancer

    L.G. Petrov passed away last night. R.I.P. you absolute legend.
  6. oompa


    Not my thing. I'll keep being on standby until something Mars-to-Sirus-like drops from these bosses again :)
  7. oompa

    Do people like watching other people noodle on guitar?

    to OP: no, it's usually boring. imo I smell a common misconception, which is that 'playing freely' is artsy or comes from the soul and has some sort of value to others. tbh most of the time it doesn't. It's great to do, do it all the time and so on, but what value it has to others is limited...
  8. oompa

    LG Petrov (Entombed) has died from cancer

    Absolute legend, gutted to read about this.
  9. oompa

    Mr. Bungle is back?!

    surely this cannot be as good as the old stuff. surely. can it? maybe it can. Not sure I fancied the FNM restart being so heavily biased and having as many pairs of rose-tinted glasses on as I could fit on my nose. I don't know. Will curiously watch this unfold lol
  10. oompa

    Anyone else can't play like they use to be able to?

    yes yes just wanted to say that yes many people have absolutely lost it, and I mean to the point you describe where you genuinely don't even understand how you could do those things, or, for me, I would read tabs of songs I used to play before and not even recognise a note, I would relearn...
  11. oompa

    Tool announce new album, Fear Inoculum, coming August 30

    Just watched JRE and he just said it. I'm super curious and pretty excited.
  12. oompa

    New Tool Songs

    Glad to see things are moving forward, will listen to it once it is pressed and shipped. Need to sit down and listen to it thoroughly, they've earned that.
  13. oompa

    What is your fave Led Zeppelin album?

    Houses of the Holy followed by IV Sucks to start ranking them though lol
  14. oompa

    The Big 4 of Death Metal?

    Still gotta say, imo if it is difficult to agree on what should be included one can go about it the other way and see if people can agree on what bands cannot be excluded, and from my experience being in the DM scene for 20 years, I haven't found many people who could exclude Death, Cannibal...
  15. oompa

    The Faceless Megathread ("Autotheism" available 08.14.12)

    Digging the grave is absolutely amazing (maybe even better than its Faith No More counterpart!) :eek: Will listen to whole album later!
  16. oompa

    What makes a new artist find success?

    I think being talented at getting noticed is probably more important than being talented at a skill nowadays. Also, most people don't like people who "fk around" too much. That is a pretty general statement, goes for guitarists as much as it does for politicians, footballers etc. To appreciate...
  17. oompa

    The Faceless Megathread ("Autotheism" available 08.14.12)

    I'm.. 'stoked'. ish. Autotheism wasn't as epic as PD ofc so looking at the trend maybe I shouldn't be (also loved Lyle's drumming) but I'll get my hopes up moderately for this one. It helps that competition is low, I struggle to find good tech death nowadays that doesn't sound like crap lol
  18. oompa

    New "Mastodon" (actually Brent Hind's solo) album coming next month

    This pretty much. I 'hope' every time I see their logo, triggering some Pavlovian love in my brain.. but imo they haven't created a decent album since CtS which was their black album (good, not great, showed a change of direction which you knew was the end). But I will try with their next...

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