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  1. Estilo

    TOM bridge lowered to its max, action still high

    So I came across an Edwards Flying V yesterday which felt awesome apart from the action being a tad high over 2mm at 12th fret low E. The bridge however looks like it is lowered to its lowest as per the photo. Parts of it touches the pickguard. Other aspects seem fine, nut is positioned and...
  2. Estilo

    Lower gain in interface to DAW VS amp?

    Asking here because I'm really new to using interfaces and DAWs. I hope I articulate this well enough. I'm using a Zoom UAC-2 which comes with a free version of the Cubase LE 10.5. I've downloaded a few amp sims and IRs loaded through NadIR. All the plugins I'm currently using are free ones. I...
  3. Estilo

    Practice/playing regimen

    What's SSO's practice regimen like? I'm assuming most here are of the age with commitments, i.e. jobs, family, mortgage, etc. How do you find the time to allocate to this hobby? How many hours a day/week do you set aside for it? I'm lumping all things guitar related here - learning songs...
  4. Estilo

    Nut change/him after refret to taller frets?

    So I'm in a bit of a conundrum. I've got an Edwards LP, fantastically built as Edwards are. Attention to detail on joints and all are flawless. However, they come with really low frets as some LPs are known to have. It's really the only drawback with this guitar, and quite a major one. I was...
  5. Estilo

    Crooked bridge off by 1mm - will it matter

    I'm trying to restore a cheap strat copy out of sentimental reasons. But I just realised the bridge position is crooked - measuring from the nut, the bass side of the bridge is about 642mm and on the treble side it's a hair under 643mm. Will it matter enough that I should realign the position...
  6. Estilo

    Could someone tell me what to do with my electronics?

    -Moved from the luthiery forum- I ordered this custom build from one of the larger local builders, and while it came with a cheap passive pickup, it squeals like there's no tomorrow. This happens even at moderate gain with a gate, but disappears when I roll off the tone control. Seller insists...
  7. Estilo

    Totally new to interfaces and digital gear, what are my rig options from here?

    So I've just made my first ever foray into the digital realm with a purchase of a Zoom UAC-2. The last 6 months of total working from home has given me plenty of time to evaluate my life choices and has got me back into guitar playing after several years off. And rather than noodling around, I...
  8. Estilo

    Schecter JL-7 VS KM-7 Mk1

    Back when they were released, the KM-7 won the popularity race, but how are we 6 years on? Before the flame, I'm just going to say that I have looked this up, but still feel like I could use a bit more info, so I'll get right into it. Main question is, these are not current releases, so...
  9. Estilo

    Noob question - Battery Compartment Replacement, or EMG808 to Lundgren M8?

    Hi, so I got a Hellraiser C8 used, and since I bought it it's never worked right - it sounds as if no battery was connected, even if I'd put a brand new 9V in! Around that time was when I'd also lost passion in guitar-playing, so I left it as is. It didn't help that where I am it's not easy...
  10. Estilo

    Orange Micro Dark

    Has anyone tried the new Micro Dark? It's supposedly an updated and bettered Micro Terrror with more pleasant distortion and cleans. Here's a link to the Guitar World review.
  11. Estilo

    Fender Modern Player Tele - thoughts?

    Recently came across this in a store nearby. I hardly frequent guitar shops anymore so didn't realise they've been out there since 2012, hence forgive me if this is a repost. I've always been a fan of the tele shape, and super teles have always intrigued me. Pricing seems fair though it is...
  12. Estilo

    Circle K/Kalium delivery issues

    I ordered about USD75 worth of strings from Kalium about 2 weeks ago for my brother to bring back from the States. To my knowledge, they claim to ship nationwide within 2 days, but he has not received them so far. He tried contacting them but could not get hold of any of their reps. The brand...
  13. Estilo

    Agile over Schecter? Plus EB set on 28.625"?

    I currently have a Schecter Hellraise C8, the previous version with 26.5" scale, which I'm thinking of letting go and replace it with a bolt-on Agile Intrepid 828. Reason being the Agile comes with longer scale, maple board, ash body, zero abalones and (I suppose) better tuners. Any thoughts on...
  14. Estilo

    HELP! Chipping with a chunk of wood yanked off

    So this happened to my Loomis. It's about 1 square inch and 1.5mm deep where it's deepest. I don't want to leave it as is, even if it does no damage to the guitar. What should I do with it? Would wood glue be a good idea? I still have the chipped piece with me. I was also thinking of...
  15. Estilo

    Maynard James Keenan pockets $2.37m from lavish Hollywood home sale

    So Maynard James Keenan has reportedly sold his Hollywood home for a lofty $2.37m. link. With all the talk on metalheads not making much money, if any at all, this comes as a surprise to me. Granted, Tool and A Perfect Circle don't exactly overlap with modern death metal/deathcore/"djent"...
  16. Estilo

    Gibraltar Bridges - What to do when saddles wear off?

    So as the saddles on Ibanez's Gibraltar bridges aren't like your typical fixed bridge saddles, what can be done when they wear off? Do I have to get a whole replacement Gibraltar, if that's even possible?
  17. Estilo

    Repainting guitars - what happens to the serial no.?

    Not quite sure which sub-forum this belongs but since this concerns a 7 and the 7 is probably the one with the most traffic... So I've got a Schecter Loomis NT7 in matte black that I got used and the matte finish is worn in several areas, including the rear of the neck and about half of the...
  18. Estilo

    Stephallen Guitars

    Has anyone heard of them? They're based and manufacture in Indonesia, where I live, but from what I know they're one of the few companies that market themselves to the overseas markets more than local. They're also one of the most well-reputed manufacturers locally quality-wise. And also one of...