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  1. ShiftKey

    Can you really "stretch" guitar strings?

    You are stretching the metal string beyond its elastic phase and into it plastic one. Materials have a few phases they pass through when they deform under an applied stress (such as pulling the string) if not enough stress is applied the string will remain the the first elastic state - that is...
  2. ShiftKey

    Thoughts about Lace X-bar and Deathbar

    Deathbar bridge,alumitone neck in my s7420 and they sound great to me.
  3. ShiftKey

    Language technologies needed

    Pimsleur lauguage packs are pretty good I've found, got me up to a basic level in danish and German a while back.
  4. ShiftKey

    Bad Guitar Techs

    My first guitar needed needed a fret dress,got it back and they had filed into the binding on both sides of each fret all the way up the neck,told me it was like that before, never went to them again.
  5. ShiftKey

    RG1527/Edge Pro bridge blocking problem

    it was designed to be restrung from the top with the ball ends still on, unless your guitar has had them removed there should be 7 red plastic clips under the trem next to the block, one for each saddle that the ball end of the string will sit in to stop them from floating about freely. As for...
  6. ShiftKey

    Just purchased an Ibanez rg2228a, I have a few questions?

    The rga 8 was the cheaper 8 string option at the time and the 1st run of them had the anchor bolt tear out problem, never the 2228. The bridge wasn't the problem,it was the anchor hole in the body that was.
  7. ShiftKey

    Thinnest floyd rose body

    Check out the ibanez fgm guitars, he had an s body thinned as much as possible even the pickup rings were recessed.
  8. ShiftKey

    Holy moly.

    search ibanez pgm80 and you will see it, lol makes me want to go watch father Ted ;)
  9. ShiftKey

    All about string rust

    Every guitar I have lives in its case,before closing the lid I always slip a sheet of silicone paper (baking parchment) under the string from the nut all the way to the bridge,it stops the strings touching the frets& pickups poles when the case it's closed - it prevents bi mettalic corrosion...
  10. ShiftKey

    NGD: The guitar was practically given to me

    nice, Im on the hunt for one of these.
  11. ShiftKey

    "Maestro" Alex Gregory is back.

    The empty tin makes the most noise
  12. ShiftKey

    Coated strings options for 7 string

    I have the same problem with sweat but also work&family,i barely get in an hour of play a week and either quite a few guitars they can sit untouched in their case for months & years. I last restrung my rg2228 4 years ago and the nanowebs are still fresh as the day they went on. I picked up an...
  13. ShiftKey

    Guitar Advice

    If you don't need to money and don't have to sell it urgently then put it up for a price you would be happy with and wait and see if anyone wants it, bear in mind that in years from now you might really regret selling it on.
  14. ShiftKey

    Suggest a graphics card for me for $250

    I have gone through the same thought process recently and have a vary similar system to you and i picked the 1060.
  15. ShiftKey

    Fire Guitars - scam (

    So are they just making a copy of a running auction as if its their own gear? Sounds like it wouldn't last very long till they got caught? Can you report it to reverb?
  16. ShiftKey

    Selling gear. Advice to avoid scams

    I would just like to add that up until last year i was in the same position, same username on many forums and ebay for 10+ years, then someone used that presence and registered 'my username' on another forum to try and scam people, since then Ive changed my usernames to unique ones for each forum.
  17. ShiftKey

    Feeling ripped off

    ^agreed, i got the app a few months back and saw that it was useless unless you paid for every little feature- so i got a refund within the 15 min window, picked up songsterr on sale for like 10p and havent looked back-
  18. ShiftKey

    Alumitone sound for different sizes?

    Hi just a quick question,I have an alumitone 7 neck and deathbar 7 in the bridge of my ibanez s7. I quite like them and am thinking about changing the pickups out in both my 2228 and rg 9. I've experienced pickups not translating exactly the same sound when scaled up for 7,8 strings before and...
  19. ShiftKey

    I must sweat out the toxic waste thr Ninja Turtle were born in..

    Elixir did have a batch that were missing the anti rust coating a couple of years ago which i avoided buying,iirc it was a lack of materials that caused it. Easy to spot as its doesn't say anti rust plain steels on the packaging, but the norm for all elixirs is to have anti rust plating for the...
  20. ShiftKey

    Djent Stick Prototype 1

    Also fret less and therefore micro tonal as well :)