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  1. no_dice

    Veil of Maya - False Idol

    And I totally respect that. They don't owe it to me or anyone else to maintain their old sound. It bums me out a little that I don't enjoy the new stuff, but oh well, that's my loss. Life goes on.
  2. no_dice

    Trying to find/remember a song - Sevenstring squad unite!

    I don't remember the video, but if it was ex-KsE members, maybe it was Seemless?
  3. no_dice

    Veil of Maya - False Idol

    Sorry, but I don't agree with this generalization at all. Being more melodic doesn't inherently mean the songwriting is better. Applying that logic would mean that technically, Asking Alexandria are better songwriters than Meshuggah, simply because their style is more melodic. It's cool if you...
  4. no_dice

    The Veil Of Maya Superultramegathread!

    I liked a few songs on Matriarch okay, but I just can't get excited about this band anymore for some reason. The YouTube comments on the new songs are extremely toxic, and anyone who doesn't like the new stuff is being called a basement dweller (why?). I get it, bands change, they're going to...
  5. no_dice

    Steve Vai supports Frank Zappa hologram nonsense

    The post you quoted, or the guy that said Steve Vai will be fine without you as a fan? As I read it, Holloway was supporting your opinion having value, despite you just being one person out of a large fanbase.
  6. no_dice

    What's the Deal With Some of These Gear Flippers?

    Sermo, if rep was still a thing, I'd throw some positive your way. I agree with a lot of points you made. One user who deals a lot in bulk on here (or used to) tried to get some of my stuff on trades more in his favor, and even went so far as to have another user contact me when he was banned...
  7. no_dice

    New Eighteen Visions

    Finally listened to it, and it's decent but doesn't really get me excited. I'll still give it a chance when it comes out.
  8. no_dice

    New Eighteen Visions

    I liked a lot of their stuff, but I stopped listening to anything new of theirs starting with Vanity. I'll have to remember to check this out when I'm not at work.
  9. no_dice

    VST Inst Connoisseurs, Advice Needed

    I've seen some neat oriental Kontakt instruments. If you plan on getting Kontakt, that will cost you almost as much as Komplete, so the value is there already. Also, several of the instruments included are great for pads, like Absynth, FM8, and Reaktor.
  10. no_dice

    37" Brice

    I went for the bubinga. The sale price got me. I'm supposed to have it tomorrow. I'll probably do some test recordings this weekend.
  11. no_dice

    37" Brice

    Not the same thing, but I just ordered a Brice 34-37" fanned 5-string. I'm thinking about using it to tune down to G#, but I'll decide that after I get it and play it for a bit.
  12. no_dice

    Carbomb - Album 3?

    I haven't gotten around to listening to the new Ulcerate yet, but unless that blows me away, Meta is for sure my album of the year.
  13. no_dice

    Carbomb - Album 3?

    Ion Dissonance, I assume
  14. no_dice

    Carbomb - Album 3?

    I like both songs a lot, and I probably like the Car Bomb song more, but I never liked how technical music often devolved into some kind of competition.
  15. no_dice

    Ulcerate - Shrines of Paralysis (2016, Death Metal, New Zealand)

    I love this band. Hoping the album will be awesome.
  16. no_dice

    Share Your Coolest Interactions With Famous Band Members!

    I don't have any cool stories, but a long time ago, my brother and I showed up way too early to a show in Daytona and ended up eating at Pizza Hut with The Red Chord and A Life Once Lost.
  17. no_dice

    New Anaal Nathrakh Album: The Whole Of The Law

    I haven't listened to these guys since Eschaton. Is it worth getting caught up on their discography?
  18. no_dice

    What albums would you like to see remastered/rerecorded?

    +1 I'd like to hear Lykathea Aflame - Elvenefris with better production.
  19. no_dice

    Steve Vai guest solo on M83 song "Go!"

    As a former huge fan of this band, I'm afraid to listen. I'll work up the courage to check it out later after work.
  20. no_dice

    Synthpop is my new love

    I'm with you. I thought that newer stuff was called vaporwave or synthwave. Maybe it's like how screamo used to be bands like Orchid and now people call Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine (or any band with harsh vocals) screamo.