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  1. kamello

    If one band was to reunite, who would YOU choose?

    Textures: what even happened to the guys? they already had written Genotype? Corelia: drama aside those guys were one of my main inspirations for writting music
  2. kamello

    What’s your current fav tuning?

    Drop B, just the perfect balance between being low enough so that single note riffs sound chunky, and high enough that chordy stuff still has definition oddly enough, all my shit is recorded in Drop A or Drop C :lol:
  3. kamello

    What's YOUR favorite metalguitar tone?

    all time favourite metal rhythm would be Misery Signals in Controller (Recto, Framus, 5150) very similar recipe to the one used by KSE, but the overall vibe of the mix is completely different IMO a few others I really like are -. Gojira - From Mars To Sirius -. Dream Theater - Train of Thought...
  4. kamello

    Help me chose!! Kiesel Dc 7 strings vs Strandberg Boden 7 ??

    the Strandbergs I've played and the Kiesels I've had have been great, I would lean towards the Kiesel, but not for a 1300 difference (hell, for that money I would buy two Strandbergs :lol: )
  5. kamello

    NGD - Ibanez RGR652AHBF-WK

    same here, those are lovely. After 3 years away from Ibanez (and playing like 10 different brands) I got that simple 652, sold all my other gear and went back to Ibanez only :lol:
  6. kamello

    EBMM Abasi Kaizen

    oh come on, the JP15 is the best JP apart from the JPX
  7. kamello

    Can't decide between these... 80's inspired

    another for the 565, H-S is such a cool config can't deny that though
  8. kamello

    Good albums with disappointing sound/production

    came here to post about this one The other day I was listening to Rareform, not a polished mix by any means but it sounds really powerfull, then I switched to Wolves Withing and the difference was abysmal
  9. kamello

    Why are you happy right now?

    So, around 3 months ago I applied for a paralegal job at one of the best Law Firms in my country, had to pass lots of interviews and the boss told me he was between me and another candidate, they went with the latter. Turned out that she was a classmate and after 2 months in, she decided to quit...
  10. kamello

    Show me your best work to date!

    thanks a lot mate! the challenge I got from this project really made me more confident regarding what I could do as a mixer/producer, but also made me a lot more picky regarding which projects I took :lol:
  11. kamello

    NGD- Seafoam Twangfiddle of Doom

    man that looks awesome! been gasing hard for a P90 equipped guitar (although for playing softer stuff :lol: )
  12. kamello

    Interesting/unusual rhythm guitar sounds in metal

    anybody knows the full setup from Gojira's "From Mars"? (mic, specific Marshall cab, etc.) I was chasing that tone for ages when I was younger and there were tons of conflicting information floating around
  13. kamello

    How to get that ERRA (and Invent Animate) sound?

    just noticed a typo that I can't edit now. *I wouldn't sweat it if I was just practicing Erra's songs :lol:
  14. kamello

    NGD: Ich bin ein Berliner

    man that's awesome! reminds me of the thick AF tops that were in Ibanez RGA's 321. any chance for a family pic? didn't know about this builder
  15. kamello

    How to get that ERRA (and Invent Animate) sound?

    * Not using passive pickups. Believe me, it's not that relevant, I can get that sound with an EMG 57, which apart from being active, is pretty mild in comparison to what those bands use * Different string gauges and tension. Again, not that relevant, take Tom Searle from Architects for example...
  16. kamello

    Who likes light strings vs heavy?

    Drop A with a 26.5 scale guitar here. I use a 9-46+64 set. I love it, but a few days ago I tuned this thing down a half step and im loving the lighter feel, so I might drop the 64 down to 60 when I return to Drop A
  17. kamello

    More thump in palm mutes?

    yup, that sounds way too complicated :lol: aside from lowering the tone from the boost pedal as it was recommended above, I would also give another impulse a try. The classic "S-Presshigh" has tons of body and Ola's Roadster 4x12 IR probably was used in Ola's song, I uploaded them here...
  18. kamello

    NGD: Ibanez J Custom RG8570Z

    :lol: still tho', looks awesome!
  19. kamello

    NG(uitar finish)D! Lambo Blue Ibanez RGD

    hey guys! propably some of you remember the custom finish pink cherry Ibanez 3120 I posted here a few months ago. (link here) I asked my friend who worked on that 3120 to also give some love to my beaten up RGD2127, never was a fan of black or matte guitars so I wanted to go with the complete...