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  1. lewis

    The Fishman Fluence Thread

    To my ears, this describes every single Fishman pickup they've released.
  2. lewis

    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    same. Thats annoying. Hope they announce them soon. EMG are overdue no products. I dont really class signature pickups
  3. lewis

    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    im bumping this purely for the sake of any new info on those newly teased Jazzmaster pickups ? As well as suggestions for something in my humbucker equipped, 6 string, 30inch baritone. Are the P90 style in normal humbucker housings any good? Kind of want something twangy and disgusting in this...
  4. lewis

    Emg 81 vs Nazgul - Help/Opinion

    The Nazgul is disgusting. Only pickup Iver tried worst than it for modern Metal of my tastes is the Lace Deathbar Honky, nasally shit. Has some weird fizz over it on an annoying frequency that's tough to dial out aswell. The 81 is king of this comparison
  5. lewis

    i bought the precision drive for my pedalboard..... i regret it!

    Closest I got to a crazy setup like this was the old analog Periphery setup. I.e Keeley 4 knob compressor > ISP decimator > Maxon OD808 > Boss noise gate > Amp Worked flawlessly and sounded so good. I didn't have a noise issue. You probably just have way too much going on.
  6. lewis

    Fishman pickups, why so much hatred now?

    Probably my most liked description of how I view the entire situation.
  7. lewis

    Need help with EMG 707’s

    Maybe plastic weld some new screw holes on using a soldering iron? Not sure if that would do any damage to the internals though
  8. lewis

    Custom Pickup Covers?

    Hold them over a gas hob ?
  9. lewis

    Many years on, 81 vs 57/66 vs Het Set

    I hope not. I can't stand the X versions of their pickups. A normal 81 + 24v mod craps all over an 81X
  10. lewis

    Many years on, 81 vs 57/66 vs Het Set

    Emgs and the 24v mod is completely necessary. Especially if youre the type that will moan about the compression. Opens them right up and removes alot of that comp. If you hate 81s for this, try the 24v mod before writing them off.
  11. lewis

    Debating between a few pickups/sets

    My EMGs are totally noiseless.
  12. lewis

    Debating between a few pickups/sets

    In my opinion, this is the stupidest thing I've ever read on SSO If you think something like an EMG 81 lacks pick attack and aggression then I don't know what to say.
  13. lewis

    Tricks for faking a resonance control for your amp?

    My bands whole first album was recorded in 432hz The engineer was slightly annoyed by it and made a few digs every now and then.
  14. lewis

    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    It's my favourite neck pickup. SLAYS for solos. And is perfectly balanced with the bridge...obviously
  15. lewis

    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    Holy shit this sounds killer. Right up my street!!!!! Like whitechapel in a pickup.
  16. lewis

    Blu Guitar Amp-X

    I genuinely stand corrected. I honestly remember just seeing video after video of the thing from guys playing clean or blues/break up over again haha
  17. lewis

    Blu Guitar Amp-X

    the Iridium only existed to be the high gain version of the Mercury. Designed for metal heads. He even used a Metalhead youtuber to help design it.
  18. lewis

    Blu Guitar Amp-X

    guarantee the marketing ends up like Iridiums pre launch marketing, where despite in that case, its a HIGH GAIN modern amp, all the advertising just showed dad rock blues players on it. With the iridium it wasnt until after it dropped, that metal dudes were then showcasing it which I bet hurt...
  19. lewis

    NGD - Legator N8FP - My Disappointment is immeasurable -_-

    OP is probably a Gibson employee.
  20. lewis

    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    Thats sick!!! Wheres the info on these? Im not finding it on their website! Also, makes getting guitars like the Squier Baritone (when you can find one) a serious option as a mod platform too now given these pickups exist! These active or passive etc!?