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  1. groph

    I'M BACK

    There's a name I haven't heard in a long while. If I keep at it, I think I might be able to justify one of these:
  2. groph

    I'M BACK

    No idea if anyone remembers me, it looks like the last time I've logged on this site was some time in 2012. I've been on a hiatus from guitar for the past 2 years and I'm just getting myself back into it now. I'm surprised my old account still works. So, has anyone heard of this sweet new piece...
  3. groph

    Good paradoxes

    if a man says something in the forest, and there is no woman to hear it, is he still wrong? duedheuurherheurheurehduheurteurhehruehuhduehrheurheurheuhdueuhehhehherherhehhuhuhuhruruhuurrrhrurrr I used to have a T shirt that said that and I thought it was so funny. I'm glad I don't wear...
  4. groph

    Discriminated for number of strings/tunings/guitars

    I was the first guy in my town who got a 7 string so I like to think that I started the trend. Shortly after I got mine, three of my friends got 7 strings and then two of them went on to get 8's and they had a band with a really unique sound. Now there's a local "8 string djent band" featuring...
  5. groph

    Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman Passes Away

    Coming in here to pay my disrespects. Jeff was a total beast and Slayer is what got me into more and more extreme metal. May he rest in torment. My condolences to Kerry, Tom, Dave, and all of those who played in Jeff's place, and to Jeff's family, but especially my condolences to Satan, for now...
  6. groph

    PCs in the $600 range?

    I'd definitely build my own, you can usually get better value that way. Check this out - this is all I can really do, I don't know much about putting together anything other than a gaming rig. Build A PC For Me.
  7. groph

    Approximately 19 years & 9 months ago..

    Nickelback has been around for almost 20 years? Happy birthday!
  8. groph

    New Zealand Legalises Gay Marriage

    I think they should legalize marriage of correlation = causation and slippery slope arguments, personally.
  9. groph

    Explosions at Boston Marathon

    Right, an IED in a strict definition would be an explosive cobbled together with relatively "household" items and a bit of know-how, so it stands to reason that most acts of "domestic terrorism" involved an "IED" as we've defined it. I'm just wondering whether or not, if something like this...
  10. groph

    REALLY good dudes on

    I guess I am pretty damn awesome.
  11. groph

    Explosions at Boston Marathon

    Yeah I'm also of the opinion that moments like these don't necessarily mean that the world is irreparably fucked up. A minority of people were probably behind this, and there's video of hundreds of people immediately rushing to help. All the blood on the sidewalk, torn limbs and expressions of...
  12. groph

    Your worst album purchases?

    Undisputed Attitude by Slayer. Fuck.
  13. groph

    Crate Blue Voodoo

    It's probably a decent enough amp, especially for $250 but I wouldn't expect brutal metal tones. The BV150 and BV300 heads can do it, I think Cannibal Corpse used those amps on Gallery of Suicide.
  14. groph

    Disney shutters LucasArts, cancels Star Wars 1313

    Is it not possible for Disney to just section off a development team and grant them a lot of autonomy to make a few Star Wars games with a pretty big budget? I don't care if Disney owns the copyrights for Star Wars as long as the two franchises NEVER cross paths. Is that possible? I really...
  15. groph

    What is your favorite Youtuber(s)?

    Foodwishes is awesome, I'm big into cooking channels right now. Day9tv is great even though I don't play SC2 at all; Sean's just really entertaining. Laci Green is fucking incredible too, they should replace all high-school sex ed classes with her videos. I'm kind of in love with her. Music...
  16. groph

    Anyone heard of I-Doser?

    Yes, and it doesn't work at all, at least it doesn't get you high. Maybe it can cause some kind of effect on your brainwaves since listening to rhythmic pulses (basically all it is) is kind of meditative, you can sort of "zone out" to it but it's nothing like doing actual drugs. Not that I've...
  17. groph

    How do you behave at non-metal concerts?

    Shave half my head and cover myself in shit and blood. Dance in circles, doing the helicopter dick and yell in tongues. I do that at metal shows, too.
  18. groph

    Anyone here familiar with JoliCloud? I need a hand

    MaxofMetal revealed that he at least knows what Jolicloud is in this thread: so I assume he's used it before. That means if he doesn't post in here you can hold it against him.
  19. groph

    BreakDown tips

    As far as coming up with rhythms I guess just keep listening to music and mindlessly jamming on your guitar; you'll come up with stuff accidentally. On how to pick, check out this video about 3 minutes in.
  20. groph

    Old Shitty Laptop (Let's make it better!)

    Never done a total HDD wipe before. wat do I'm also not willing to pay anything to get this thing working so I'm not buying a new copy of Windows or anything. If I can find a version of Ubuntu that works on this thing that'd be great. I'm not tech-inclined at all so I need something lean and...