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  1. Nlelith

    Heavygaze, Deftones/Hum-likes, etc.

    A bit more intense, but Moodring absolutely fits here. My favorite album this year so far:
  2. Nlelith

    Albums with bad guitar tone that actually fit the music well.

    "All the fuzz in the world" tone works quite well for Deadsy. I think it's on all their songs.
  3. Nlelith

    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    English language has a lot of phrases that can be interpreted in two different ways. Most music-related I can think of: "Cannibal Corpse"... is it a corpse of a person/creature, who happened to be a cannibal, or is it an undead creature with a taste for it's own kind?
  4. Nlelith

    Voyager - Colours in the Sun

    Great album, their latest single is meh, though. As for similar bands, the closest I can think of is VOLA: These aren't synth-heavy, but have "feel good" vibe, so you might like them:
  5. Nlelith

    What are you listening to?

    Probably my fav melodeath song this year.
  6. Nlelith

    Why are you happy right now?

    I got a fully remote, well-paying job.
  7. Nlelith

    Anyone actively Invest?

    It *should* work, yeah. But it requires a lot of personal data (scans of ID, face telemetry), and I'm not comfortable with that. And even after that, I still can't be sure that it will not reject my card with no apparent reason like other big exchanges.
  8. Nlelith

    Anyone actively Invest?

    Does having a $4000 worth of CS:GO items (that I bought for ~$600) count? As for real stocks, it's rather hard for me to get my hands on any US company stocks as a foreign person. Same for crypto, most markets either don't accept exchanging FIAT money from local banks, or are shady af, with...
  9. Nlelith

    "Celebrity" Launches New Guitar Company. You Guessed It.

    It's not just mirrored... Judging by the moire and black edge in the top left corner, it's someone recording a screen with their phone. Shaky hands included.
  10. Nlelith

    Who Remembers How They Found Out About SSO?

    I wanted to buy my first guitar, and was interested in a 7-string. Finding reviews/opinions on forums is my go-to method of choosing brands for any kind of big purchase. So I started lurking here. Ended up ordering a Carvin (before Kiesel rebranding).
  11. Nlelith

    Instrumental seven string music recommendations?

    Check out David Maxim Micic. Some of his music has vocals, but it's mostly clean singing.
  12. Nlelith

    SevenString Software Upgrade

    Cloudflare errors are back again.
  13. Nlelith

    NGD: Private Stock Friday - PRS Custom 24 "Chesapeake Bay"

    What a gorgeous guitar. HNGD!
  14. Nlelith

    SevenString Software Upgrade

    Just reporting in to say that Cloudflare issues seem to be fixed now.
  15. Nlelith

    SevenString Software Upgrade

    Doesn't work for me (Firefox, PC) Also, some threads don't jump to new messages when opened. And this is getting tiresome:
  16. Nlelith

    SevenString Software Upgrade

    Am I the only one getting Cloudflare errors all the time? Refreshing the page a couple of times fixes it, but it's far from ideal experience. This started before the update, btw.
  17. Nlelith

    SSO Spotify Playlist?

    Just finished listening to the whole playlist, new additions are great!