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  1. MetalheadMC

    New Slipknot track - The Dying Song (Time To Sing)

    Cut it off after hearing the chorus. Corey's abilities vocal wise, and phrasing have always been some of my favorites, but I just can't enjoy hardly anything new he's been doing.
  2. MetalheadMC

    Switching DAWs - getting a good deal on a DAW

    Exact same experience. Cubase tried to get me to spend $100+ for whatever version they upgraded to. Tried Studio for a bit but it was more eye candy than anything honestly
  3. MetalheadMC

    WTB Fishman 7 String pickups

    Couldnt message you, but I have a pair of Moderns that I could part with
  4. MetalheadMC

    Switching DAWs - getting a good deal on a DAW

    Agreed about Reaper. For the price alone, or evaluation, it's definitely hard to beat with all it has. The videos with Kenny Gioia are a godsend with learning everything to do with Reaper
  5. MetalheadMC

    FS 7 String pickups

    Price Drops Black Winters - $175 Lundgren M8C - $150 D-Activators - $150
  6. MetalheadMC

    Your First Live Concert-

    Kiss Alive tour 96. I was 8, and it was my first concert as my dad was a part of the Kiss Army.
  7. MetalheadMC

    Lollapalooza in Chicago will be streaming LIVE on Hulu!

    I was surprised to see Lorna Shore got on this bill.
  8. MetalheadMC

    Bands that never lived up the hype or their potential

    My votes would be Unearth and Chimaira. While they both had their times, they always left me wanting more if the vocals were different.
  9. MetalheadMC

    FS 7 String pickups

    Adding Dizmario D-Activators 7 set cream color - $175 shipped
  10. MetalheadMC

    FS 7 String pickups

    57/66 pending
  11. MetalheadMC

    FS 7 String pickups

    Pickups added for sale SD Black Winters 7 set - $200 Lundgren M8C bridge - $170 All prices include shipping. Swapping all my guitars to actives. Looking for Fishman models if anyone is looking for trades.
  12. MetalheadMC

    FS FS/FT Jackson X series Rhoads RR24-7

    Price drop to $900 shipped
  13. MetalheadMC

    New Slipknot track - The Dying Song (Time To Sing)

    Not excited about either. The intro/chorus thing was bad. Verses were OK. Reminiscent of their core stuff, but everything else, no thanks. I miss the aggression they've always been known for, but like mentioned above, they're not necessarily angry anymore.
  14. MetalheadMC

    Post your demos HERE! 😊

    This is a clip of my newer one. This at the end of the chorus into the outro.
  15. MetalheadMC

    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    100% what I came to say
  16. MetalheadMC

    FS FS/FT Jackson X series Rhoads RR24-7

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mainly a feeler. I love this guitar, but I'm not playing it nearly enough. It has zero nicks on the edges or anywhere else. Only slight blemish is under the strings from playing Trades I'm looking for are ESP, Schecter mainly. 7s only. FR preferred...
  17. MetalheadMC

    Vildhjarta - lavender haze drums (trying out the Duality I & II EZXs)

    Awesome work man. I've watched Buster's playthroughs of other songs off this album, but never could really see the intricacies of the kick drum.