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    Daily Show destroys Fox news

    From an earlier post The younger generation is less technologically illiterate, less ignorant, and more likely to use the internet to verify information they receive. That's why they hate CNN news. They can easily verify if what they are being told is fact or fiction, biased or balanced...
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    I'm now embarrassed to live so close to Steubenville

    Wow. I hope they all burn. And to top it off, these are going to be the best days of their lives. Losers.
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    Sperm donor told to pay child support

    Right. I lived in Wichita KS for several years, and never heard of a man getting chased around by the state for child support unless the mom pushed it. I hope this works out for them
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    Sperm donor told to pay child support

    It's an obvious attempt to discourage people helping lesbian couple to have children. There are a quite a number of single moms on social services in Kansas, and they don't seem to chase baby daddies around for child support.
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    Worlds most evil band?

    It's truly the ones you never see coming!
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    Worlds most evil band?

    I love the way some of these guys think they know pain and suffering, and talk of it like an old friend. Ultimate in posing.
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    Bands/artists you feel you should like but just cannot get into

    Dream theater, Van Halen, Slayer. Being a teen in the 80's I got into George Lynch and Warren Dimartini pretty heavily, WASP as well. Never got into Nirvana, or the biggest part of 90's rock.
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    Another mass shooting in America

    I agree. Less is so much better. I think the choice of words I used was not as carefully thought out. Short version. To me, all death is equally tragic. Something needs to be done. I believe assault weapons/extended magazines are not needed There is a underlying problem with mental...
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    Another mass shooting in America

    Wow, that number thing really lit some folks up. Again each and every damn death is as tragic as another. whether it's one or ten. What part of that is so hard to grab onto? Why does no one seem to care at the child that died in car accident, but they sure as hell act sad and hurt when a child...
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    Another mass shooting in America

    My exact point on the death is that they are both equal in scope, whether it's one or ten, and the number being bigger doesn't make it worse. They are both equally terrible. I don't live near cartels, I live in the largest meth state. And I lived near the border in San Diego for 12 years. I...
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    Another mass shooting in America

    You are right, because I would like to beleive the people posting here are not, and have not been people of the type to go around shooting people. Why should the actions of cracked individuals cause me to lose things that I have never caused harm with? So someone else can be saved. maybe? If...
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    Another mass shooting in America

    And the population of wyoming is? I own guns. Handguns and long guns. I have no assault weapons. I don't need one. Folks also don't need 15/30/50 round clips for their weapons either. It's never taken me more than one or tries to bag a deer, turkey or rabbit. Which I then consume in the...
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    Fn-Fal, Mauser 8mm, and a daiwu AR. Look into them. My FN is a great all around rifle, not to mention it's as sexy as it gets. edit That Doublestar 3gun is a sexy beast! re-edit, The Doublestar
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    All the scales* mapped out for guitar for free (and loads for 7 and 8 string)

    Thanks for making it, I have it bookmarked!:yesway:
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    The LGBT thread

    A while back, I got my hand slapped on a post about a trans beauty pageant person. After being termed a bigot, which I have never been called, I started to do some research and self analysis. It was a mean spirited and bigoted post, from a position of ignorance. And with respect to whoever...
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    Retired police K9 killed by scumbags.

    THe kid believes it's easier to steal than work. And killing the dog takes no effort. After all the dog was in the way. He would have killed and old lady or kid if they had been in the way. He needs to be tried as an adult. Obviously he is also not able to be rehabilitated, and therefore should...
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    Prosecutor discusses legal consequences of outlawing abortion and "fetal personhood"

    I consider both side of the argument. My stance is this, whether or not one believes in abortion or not, the aborted is a unique thing. It's DNA will never happen again. Each one is once. That potential person wil never, ever, exist again. Think of yourself for a moment if you had not been...
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    All Hail Pick Squeals!

    ZZ Top, every album, pinches like a rabid crab.
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    Jeff Loomis New Song

    He'll find out that he wasn't the only one in Nevermore.
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    Well done, President Clinton. Well done.

    Why even bother fussing about Democrats or Republicans? They are one in the same. Every one of them. They all do the same crap and have the same goals. Some are dumber than others and get caught, so what. They rely on the devisiveness that is in the country today. They rely on the party faithful...