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  1. mikernaut

    The Les Paul thread

    I pretty much got my money back on them but sold them right before the big Adam Jones craze where I coulda made out better. I really wanted to keep the all Silver one, cuz its soo unique. Although at the end of the day I had to realize I had another rare guitar in the collection that filled the...
  2. mikernaut

    The Les Paul thread

    '81 silverburst LPC, '83 all silver LPC and the red one is a '96 Catalina. Unfortunately I sold them all to put some money in my bank account
  3. mikernaut

    The Les Paul thread

    The Les Paul's I owned over the years
  4. mikernaut

    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    I woulda gave Wes Hauch a call.
  5. mikernaut

    NGD Kiesel 7string Delos "Mr.Pink"

    Yeah, it's frustrating these days trying to get a custom build that doesn't have a issue and the prices keep going up. I think most of my past builds with various companies have had a issue or messed up spec even though I have always submitted a tightly rendered mock up and list of all the...
  6. mikernaut

    New Metal Music Thread

    Loving these new tracks-
  7. mikernaut

    NGD Kiesel 7string Delos "Mr.Pink"

    Understandable, could you try a used one out?. I hadn't tried a Kiesel before but did own 2 Carvin's which I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality at the price point. I decided to give them a chance as "Kiesel" because I have heard positive reviews lately by guitarists on Twitch (...
  8. mikernaut

    The Painting thread

    I revisited a few previous pieces I had done. Added new backgrounds and made them more a widescreen format to possibly use for Youtube videos. Combination digital painting/photobashing.
  9. mikernaut

    NGD Kiesel 7string Delos "Mr.Pink"

    Yes, you are correct. and it was very much the inspiration for this build.
  10. mikernaut

    Updated Group , bring your sunglasses.

    Just received the new Kiesel, so thought I'd to a updated group shot.
  11. mikernaut

    NGD Kiesel 7string Delos "Mr.Pink"

    Thanks Everyone, I can't put it down . It plays soo nice.
  12. mikernaut

    NGD Kiesel 7string Delos "Mr.Pink"

    Specs- Alder body 3pc Walnut neck with Purpleheart stripe Ebony board less color variation staggered offset pink acrylic dots stainless steel medium jumbo frets luminlay side dots painted pickups, Illusionist bridge, Beryllium neck Hipshot trem pearloid tuners Probably one of the best guitars I...
  13. mikernaut

    What do you play besides Guitar and Bass?

    I got into Eurorack stuff over the quarantine. Also bought a couple plug ins/Vsti's and have been working on a ambient Ep. for fun.
  14. mikernaut

    Vola Guitars - What do you know?

    I'd be very curious to try the Keene Machine sig. In the future
  15. mikernaut

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    That is a stunning Trio!
  16. mikernaut

    Aristides Guitars

    Painted Binding? I was asking about something like this awhile back on a Aristides. I really want to do that binding look someday on a idea I have.
  17. mikernaut

    Fire Alarm and Red Alert !!! NGGGD !

    Awesome 540PII in 5 Alarm red is the best color for it! love it! Congrats
  18. mikernaut

    Blackmachine/Skervesen Raptor (or clone) owners: Did you find your guitar uncomfortable at first?

    I have a Iceman which I love the look of, but it's not the most comfortable guitar :/
  19. mikernaut

    Why has it become unnecessary to sing well live?

    I hear Al Mu'Min has a lovely singing voice. ;)
  20. mikernaut

    Rare guitars that you're looking for?

    That's some crazy color fading! :(