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  1. efiltsohg

    OVERDRIVE THREAD - Your Favorite Pedal For Boosting High Gain Amps?

    usually Rat but I've been using my ts9 more lately because it's less tweakable so I spend less time adjusting
  2. efiltsohg

    Any appreciation for the good ol' Duncan Distortion?

    love em for doom/sludge, the top end is pretty wild and hairy for some styles
  3. efiltsohg

    Is it worth to give 1000$+ for an Indonisian or MIM guitar ? Remember the past !!

    I mean, I bought a 2020 model MIK guitar for 700$ CAD so no, I would not pay that much for an indo
  4. efiltsohg

    Please help me pick my first "real" amp

    you can get a decent used 412 for less money than a new ppc112
  5. efiltsohg

    Electric Guitar Under $200?

    used prices are sky high on everything Peavey, Cort, Squire, Yamaha if any of them still have new guitars that cheap. Plan on upgrading tuners and maybe pickups in a couple years.
  6. efiltsohg

    Does it doom pedals

    I mean, they might have added or removed a knob here or there
  7. efiltsohg

    Does it doom pedals

    90% sure they are all clone pedals
  8. efiltsohg

    New pickup? Or just dud guitar?

    EMG 81 I suppose. Might just be a dud
  9. efiltsohg

    Dean Guitars 2022

    I like the new inline headstock, be even better if it was reversed though
  10. efiltsohg

    Best of 2021 Albums

    it's good but uncharacteristically short for them I've found some awesome sludge debut albums this year - Drune, Rowan, and Bishop
  11. efiltsohg

    Best of 2021 Albums

    one for the dirty/angry/crusty thread also forgot - Converge & Chelsea Wolfe collab is good
  12. efiltsohg

    Best of 2021 Albums

    Darkthrone and Paysage D'Hiver
  13. efiltsohg

    Anyone Played the Alt 8 Duncan?

    I agree that it's best for slightly downtuned guitars (awesome in drop C) but I've been running it in E std for months with no complaints
  14. efiltsohg

    Anyone Played the Alt 8 Duncan?

    I have one in my Kramer, it's definitely from the JB family - punchy but not as much chug as the custom family pickups. Lasse Lammert once said it's the closest thing to a passive substitute for an EMG 81. it's got a bit of a notched mid that sounds best in mahogany also, I'm probably crazy...
  15. efiltsohg

    The cheapest guitar you own?

    some unlabeled SG clone made out of plywood from the 80s or 90s, my first guitar that I got from my cousin for free, the pickups stopped working years ago and it wasn't worth to replace
  16. efiltsohg

    Home rig

    Tube head into 4x12 cab
  17. efiltsohg

    Should I mod or sell an amp I own if I no longer like it as is?

    tbh a VTM 120 is one of the best amps ever made so I'd probably just sell the laney if you don't dig it
  18. efiltsohg

    Best Strap Locks: Schaller, Dunlop, other??

    if you don't need to take the strap off, just swap out the lugs for washers