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  1. vampiregenocide

    Neck pockets on Ibanez guitars

    I've never had this issue with any of the Ibanez models I've had, but I would assume it's something to do with fluctuations in temperature/humidity/wood that causes it to expand or contract within the neck pocket. It might have been completely when it was made, but by the time it got to you it's...
  2. vampiregenocide

    40 Watt Sun

    Brilliant band, but yeah very depressing. One of the more emotive doom acts I've heard.
  3. vampiregenocide

    Let's talk about the St. Vincent Signature Music Man

    In certain genres that could look pretty cool, but it is definitely a bit out there. Surprised EBMM took a gamble with it.
  4. vampiregenocide

    Brent Hinds Epiphone Signature / He's pissed at Gibson content

    Man, I am surprised he hasn't gotten a proper Gibson signature model. I would have thought a silverburst V with his specs would be a huge seller. I would certainly dig one. Even if Gibson were pissed at him for not playing their guitars exclusively, I would have thought they'd still do it. His...
  5. vampiregenocide

    New NAMM ERG models?

    This ^ I figured it could go in either forum.
  6. vampiregenocide

    New NAMM ERG models?

    Lots of NAMM threads around, was wondering if we could just have one with all the brand new ERG releases (7 strings and up) for ease of reference? I'll put the IBanez models that I know of here first: JBM27 RGAIX7FM RGDIX7MPB
  7. vampiregenocide

    Is the Ibanez RGIR28FE worth buying?

    I recently bought one, and it's fantastic. I used to own an RG2228 (an old batch one, if that counts for anything) and I prefer the Iron Label. The neck is the most comfortable 8 string neck I've played, that's compared to the old RG2228 neck, Carvin and Schecter C-8 necks. The tone is great...
  8. vampiregenocide

    Abasi Concepts/Larada Megathread

    I think the new colour looks really gorgeous and tasteful, though I think I'd prefer it in a natural finish. Either way, I really hope they make this available, though that neck pocket does look a little off, it is only a prototype.
  9. vampiregenocide

    Moving into the world of 5 or 6 string bass:

    Moving from a 4 to a 5 string or 6 string bass is a bigger change than going from a 6 to 7 or 8 string guitar. Everything is bigger. Longer scale length, thicker strings, wider necks, often heavier bodies too. I would definitely look at what brand bass you would want, and then try a 5 and 6...
  10. vampiregenocide

    V neck dive/balance question.

    I was wondering this. I would love a 7 string V but I like my guitars to have the neck balanced very well, so it's angled up a lot. I was thinking of trying to track down an Epiphone 7 string V and installing a metal bar as an upper horn to put a strap on. Shouldn't be too noticeable but help...
  11. vampiregenocide

    Music that moves you or causes emotion?

    I defy you to listen to this and not want to cry.
  12. vampiregenocide

    Ibanez NAMM 2016

    Nothing wrong with my RG2228! It was fine in every way, though I think they changed the neck profile as I remember it being quite wide compared with my RGIR8, which is way more comfortable. Other than that and the bridge, I would still have it otherwise. That makes sense though, but I still...
  13. vampiregenocide

    Having a hard time finding a metal bassist locally because of tuning......

    I've had a similar issue really. I tune to F standard on an 8 string and open Cmaj with a low G on a 7 string, but not many people around play ERGs or want to use such tunings. So, I bought a 5 string bass with the idea to tune it to G C G C G, and then get another 5 string and tune it to F F Bb...
  14. vampiregenocide

    Ibanez NAMM 2016

    I owned the RG2228 and I now have the new RGIR8, and I have to say if there is a difference in quality, it's unnoticeable. The Iron Label is very well made, sounds and plays great. I imagine the quality control isn't as good though, so you're moe likely to get issues compared to a Prestige. It...
  15. vampiregenocide

    7 string Score...Best $56 I've ever spent..

    Man, that's quite the steal! Congrats! :)
  16. vampiregenocide

    Ibanez NAMM 2016

    Man, the new RGDs look so incredible. An 8 string in that style would be sexy as hell.
  17. vampiregenocide

    Show me pointy 7 strings!

    Holy crap that's awesome. :|
  18. vampiregenocide

    Ibanez NAMM 2016

    Those vintage style models look gorgeous. :3 A 7 string singlecut in that style would be dreamy.
  19. vampiregenocide

    NGD - It's been a while

    How could you forget me? :'(
  20. vampiregenocide

    When is a song finished?

    It depends really, you could say it's when the song is released, as the recorded version is the one people will come to know and accept, however bands like Primus constantly rework songs for live performance.