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    Kiesel --- Never Again!

    I saw the husky tgp reply that alluded to this as the reason. I don't buy it because Ibanez sabre..very thin... has shelf. The pickup route is not too deep, but the points under the screws are routed deeper, so the screws will not collide. I personally think it's a safety net. They probably...
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    Cantrell/Hetfield amp recommendation - modded Marshall tone

    Bogner Ecstacy is the droid you're looking for.
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    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    Have you ever wondered why they plane the fretboard when they refret? It's because the wood changes shape. The longer wearing nature of stainless doesn't overcome the changing wood. They could have moved to stainless 40 years ago if they wanted. Ss solves a problem that doesn't exist. It's...
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    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    My hands are dry and neutral. I usually only replace strings when they break. I can get hundreds of hours from a set. When I buy a set, I also buy two extra 9s because that string is the one that eventually breaks. After a year of playing the strings are still shiny. I never let anyone play...
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    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    Stainless frets, from a wear perspective are overkill, and can actually be a detriment. My experience having guitars leveled, refretted, plekked, and now doing my own crown and levels, is that the neck wood and fret profile changes over time faster than the fret material wears away. When you...
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    NGD: Fractal FM3

    [QUOTE="sakeido, po
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    Laney IronHeart 15 Studio

    There is a five year warranty on Laney amps. Contact where you bought it, they should have list of local authorized repair centers.
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    Peavey XXX 4x12 cab

    It hangs with any cab. Speakers are fat and up front sounding. Lots of mids but not as spiky as a v30. Solid plywood construction, stereo or mono.
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    6505+ is whistling, Video Evidence

    Do all the filter caps not just c30. I did a cap job on a jsx, parts were 60. There were I think six caps. Bad caps you will hear line noise like 60 cycle hum. A hissing slash humming sound from power section. Whistling prob something else.
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    Cheap combo that ships with the best stock speaker?

    Sheffield's sound like celestion 75s. That was the 80s rock speaker.
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    School me on the less popular Peavey amps (Windsor/XXX/Ultra)

    What do you mean? Lots of 80s and 90s albums that you thought were hot rod Marshalls were actually pv. Peavy was kicking ass long before the 5150.
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    I Think I Have A Ground Loop. Advice?

    In my basement there is a halgen torchier lamp with dimmer. When it's on, there is more background noise. There are other appliances in house that do similar thing. I've noticed some zones outlets in my house are quieter. Used to run an extension cord to my amp from another room because that...
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    NAD: Peavey XXX Super 40 112 combo

    I think it's better with 6l6. The head is imo.
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    The Ultimate Fly-Rig: Modelling, Real/Sim Cabs, and Backtrack Control

    Dweebs have always been dweebs. We had them too.
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    The Ultimate Fly-Rig: Modelling, Real/Sim Cabs, and Backtrack Control

    Nothing gets girls wet like a bulleted list. Is this what rock music has devolved into?
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    The pre-amp tube thread

    I've swapped alot of preamp tubes. It's mostly bunk, for a few reasons. Generally hotter tubes are also brighter. And tend to be more hi fi. All tube swaps I've done, I always prefer hotter and brighter tubes. Grove tubes measures and grades preamp tubes. The ecc83s are the hottest...
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    NAD: Marshall JCM 800 2203/1960B

    So. Few. Knobs.
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    Deal of the Century (Not bad for $75)

    It was charity. The guy gave it to you under the guise of a great deal. No deal is that good. I'm surprised you didn't do the right thing and offer more. He feels good about himself, and got to look you in the eye.
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    INCOMING! Tightmetal Pro 2!!

    She with the most gear wins.
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    boss katana 50 boosters, ts-scream

    Does the katana have all the gt100 effect in the software? Do you get 20+ boost pedals?