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  1. Lemonbaby

    an unpopular opinion on Tool.

    You asked for it. Very brave to post this opinion, because Tool sucks. :wavey:
  2. Lemonbaby

    I just got a new Sweetwater Gear Advisor & I'm Stoked!

    Also surprised they even accepted to do a PLEK on this thing. I tried a JP15 and a Majesty in a store last year and the setup was flawless. One more comment on the whole PLEK thing, as I also feel it's overrated especially when the operator just wants to increase throughput and doesn't...
  3. Lemonbaby

    It was only a matter of time....Archetype Rabea. Ok then

    Given the fact you only get three amp models and 7 pedals, it seems a little expensive to me. However, these plugins are obviously sold to fans who want the very sound of "that one guitarist", be it Plini, Tim Henson or Rabea Massad. In this case it might be a good buy, even if it lacks the...
  4. Lemonbaby

    Bareknuckle pickup decision.

    I got a Ragnarok in my Skervesen and they're not really close to an SD Distortion or BKP Aftermath. I honestly wouldn't buy them again, the output just isn't up where I'd like it. They feel like a hotter version of a PAF - versatile, even and kind of boring.
  5. Lemonbaby

    Your First Live Concert-

    My first live concert happened to also be one of the best I ever saw. Pantera opening for Megadeth in 1992 (Vulgar Display of Power & Countdown to Extinction). :rocker:
  6. Lemonbaby

    Fender lets go 300 employees

    You never know as Fender is privately owned. I'm guessing their portfolio is trending towards mostly selling either China/Mexico cheapo guitars and Custom/Masterbuilt stuff. Both ends of the portfolio don't require a lot of staff in the US. As far as I read on several articles, Fender was...
  7. Lemonbaby

    NK Headless Mod & Art Project (pic heavy)

    Love the white paintjob and as much as I'm also into translucent pickguards, it doesn't fit too well on this particular guitar IMHO.
  8. Lemonbaby

    It was only a matter of time....Archetype Rabea. Ok then

    It's not about his skills, I just think he's marketed way beyond his significance/contribution to the guitar world. That orchestrated campaign across various YT channels is a little ridiculous. Peter Honoré (yeah, I know: who's that again?) also got a little carried away with the title for his...
  9. Lemonbaby

    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    Quite obvious once you apply the "coloured lines from hell" technique.
  10. Lemonbaby

    It was only a matter of time....Archetype Rabea. Ok then

    Thanks, noted. Explains why I only found some of his pointless riffing on Youtube called "original songs". Production sounded quite good though.
  11. Lemonbaby

    It was only a matter of time....Archetype Rabea. Ok then

    Sorry for asking, but who's that Rabea guy? Is he in a band I should have listened to?
  12. Lemonbaby

    High current pedalboard power supplies?

    @Emperoff What's wrong with the original power supply? Asking for a friend.
  13. Lemonbaby

    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    The intersecting set might be small, but the right guy must be out there. :lol:
  14. Lemonbaby

    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    I'm surprised he has the balls to pull this of in the States where everyone and his grandma is ready to shove a gun up his you-know-what. I wouldn't be surprised if someone's pays him a visit and fucks him up big time.
  15. Lemonbaby

    How it started vs. How it's going

    I started playing on an old classical guitar my dad had lying around (literally, he couldn't even play guitar). Someone messed it up with steel strings, so the top had raised by almost 10mm. As you can imagine that made for some serious string action which made it quite hard to learn Metallica...
  16. Lemonbaby

    Malmsteen setup is messed up: what would you do?

    Did you check the neck's bow with the string method? First step should be adjusting the trussrod until there's only a fraction of a mm left at the 12th fret. Or adjust the neck dead straight and check with a fret rocker.
  17. Lemonbaby

    Dave Davidson getting another new sig set of Dimarzios?

    I'd love a new pickup with harsh upper mids, muddy bass and chugs so soft that even Joe Pass would avoid using it. Also, I only want to hear the middle note of every triad.
  18. Lemonbaby

    Anybody wanna record a solo over a song I'm struggling to complete?

    Not gonna lie, I feel like Keith Richards now. As in "not knowing how to really play guitar", not "being an 87 year old millionaire with fans all over the planet".
  19. Lemonbaby

    Anyone actually striving to be more minimalist?

    You know those days, when you're happy just sitting on your terrace with an acoustic and strumming Wonderwall? I don't, so I constantly build new guitars/basses and buy gear.