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  1. Alex Kenivel

    Where to put clean/line boost in chain

    Boost last after everything. You don't want to boost the level going into another box or you'll screw up your gain staging, potentially changing Decay elements in reverbs or headroom in delays and modulations just for example.
  2. Alex Kenivel

    Low budget multi-effects w/looper?

    I bought one of these for my son. Loads IRs, good core tones and the looper has a nice visual. Has drum patterns too.
  3. Alex Kenivel

    Strange sound from speakers when sustaining high notes...

    Could you describe the sound as warbling? Maybe record a clip?
  4. Alex Kenivel

    Random Pics of Your Rig

    My outdoor gigging rig as of late. Helix Floor, QSC K8.2 as a backline, PSM300 IEM rig. Helix is doing all of the heavy lifting as the monitor mixer, guitar rig, and vocal mixer Alternate pieces to the above rig, a Boss Katana 100 mkII with Celestion Creamback and my battery powered HX Stomp...
  5. Alex Kenivel

    Line 6 Helix Megathread - 2.80 update

    I like the tile reverb with a very short Decay. It feels like there's an amp to my side when im wearing headphones
  6. Alex Kenivel

    Music videos that defined your youth

    My first musical obsession
  7. Alex Kenivel

    Music videos that defined your youth

    These are the first videos I remember seeing as a small child:
  8. Alex Kenivel

    NGD- KR Fanned Fret 10 String

    :greatkat: ...i think it needs a Kingon name
  9. Alex Kenivel

    Need some monitor speakers for guitar amp sims

    I have the Yamaha HS5's. They're solid and not super expensive.
  10. Alex Kenivel

    Fot those that use IRs..

    For me, it depends on whether or not I'm also running a feed to an actual guitar cabinet as well as a feed to FoH. If I am, I want my post-amp effects going through both outputs so the IR will be last in the chain. I don't hear much of a difference either way placing a linear effect upstream or...
  11. Alex Kenivel

    Help with plugins, IRs, interfaces, etc...

    Search for free IRs and download one of the free IR loaders, turn cabs off in your XT and have fun
  12. Alex Kenivel


    I want that. Since I bought my S2, it's all I want to play. Please tell us more details about this guitar. Is it an import? What's the neck shape?
  13. Alex Kenivel

    Heavy Metal Busking

    This. My porta-rig: G10 wireless into an HX Stomp into a Roland Mobile Cube. Everything is on battery power, runs about 4 hours until the Stomp dies, then I have several more hours with just the G10 into the Mobile Cube. The mobile cube accepts stereo aux input from the Stomp otherwise. You...
  14. Alex Kenivel

    Thoughts on powered FrFr cabs

    If you want your pristine acoustic guitar tones to shine, I guess. Those had better be flat and wide as fvck. The swappable passive crossover is mighty intriguing. It seems they really thought that thing through. Id rock it if someone brought it for me. I still dont want it in my tiny studio...
  15. Alex Kenivel

    Thoughts on powered FrFr cabs

    Yes. They are nice. I'd get these over Alto's. I'd put these on par with some of the EV stuff I've tried (model names I've forgotten)
  16. Alex Kenivel

    Thoughts on powered FrFr cabs

    Holy horseshit.
  17. Alex Kenivel

    Ear protection that doesn't cut all the treble from a show?

    I have a pair of plasticky Fender triple flange plugs that work well but are uncomfortable to wear after a while
  18. Alex Kenivel

    Thoughts on powered FrFr cabs

    Are these powered?
  19. Alex Kenivel

    HD500X help??

    Low cut in cab section, use a parametric eq after and dial back the highs. Keep resonance, ER, bass low
  20. Alex Kenivel

    Late NGD Ibanez Iron Label RGD

    I have one of the early SIR27FD-IPT models. It needed nut work, fret work, and the high mass bridge was bulky and didn't intonate well. The binding is inconsistent. Hardware was cheap. After resolving the resolvable issues, it's been one of my favorite guitars to play, even though I generally...