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  1. poopyalligator

    It's been...

    I feel bad for not posting on here in forever, but congrats!
  2. poopyalligator

    SSO Bingo. Because you neither wanted it nor asked for it.

    I haven't posted in forever and I just came across this. That bingo card is dead on and I love it lol
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    Your favorite melancholy/sad song?

    This is the song that gets me every time I listen to it. I love it though.
  4. poopyalligator

    Fake Ibanez Universe?

    Looks legit to me. I have one of the newer versions with the edge pro and rounder neck profile. It plays like a champ and I love that thing. That being said I also have a uv7bk that I love little more.
  5. poopyalligator

    Would you send it back or not?

    I mean I guess it sucks that it had really minor issues, but i definitely wouldn't send the guitar back. That is just me though. I almost get the feeling that you weren't super stoked on it to begin with and had buyers remorse. Either way I hope you get the guitar you want at the end of the day.
  6. poopyalligator

    Tour - FFO: Hum, Thrice, Moneen

    I just checked out your band, and you guys have a new fan. Love it man!!
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    The Car Thread

    Here is a pic of my Volvo. I love this car
  8. poopyalligator


    I actually go by the old layer method. I need to work on other strategies.
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    I am a bit of a cubing enthusiast. The one you pictured is actually my favorite cube (for speed). Overall feel and solidness I actually really like the MoYu ghost cube. I am in the same boat as you, all of my friends tell me that I should do cubing competitions and I have to explain to them that...
  10. poopyalligator

    NGD: Kiesel CT7

    Looks amazing!!! This kind of solidifies my choice that the next one that I get will have a full flamed maple neck instead of just the board.
  11. poopyalligator

    Hopefully NGD?

    I feel bad for whomever sold that guitar to them. I mean maybe they weren't attached to it at all, but yeah they must have given them like 200 for it. I would buy it in a heartbeat.
  12. poopyalligator

    NGD: Daemoness Cimmerian VII, new year new green guitar!

    Amazing guitar and amazing playing
  13. poopyalligator

    NGD - Carillion Polaris Multiscale 7 - Red Quilt

    Gorgeous guitar, and I loved the song you posted.
  14. poopyalligator

    New Darkest Hour album announced for February 2017, return of Kris Norris

    Can't wait for the new album. It says Kris is helping with a couple of songs and doing some guest soloing, and it doesn't look like lonestar is going anywhere. In my opinion their albums keep getting better, and I am sure this one will be no exception. They have hopped labels a lot so I am glad...
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    I am a dick, and this is a public apology to sPliNtEr_777 and

    Very cool thread. Glad you made things right.
  16. poopyalligator

    Have you ever sold gear and regretted it?

    For me It would have to be my 1979 Gibson RD Artist. I gutted it and put different pickups in it and took out the moog electronics. I was a poor college student at the time and it had to go. I wont be getting another one like that anytime soon.
  17. poopyalligator

    After the Burial guitarist quits Update: 7/22/15 RIP Justin Lowe

    This is super sad. The man obviously had some mental illness, and the fact that people make jokes about it is disgusting to me. It is a very serious problem for a lot of people and if you or somebody you know needs help please try and get them that help. Justin was a very talented man and he...
  18. poopyalligator

    NGD: Vader with some option 50s

    That finish looks amazing. I love it. I absolutely hate the look of headless guitars, but that one looks pretty damn sweet.