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  1. DudeManBrother

    Rectifier ywang?

    You can put an eq in the loop to dial out any unwanted frequencies. Maybe an Empress ParaEQ is best so you can pinpoint the exact frequency that’s bothering you. Most of the undesirable Recto frequencies go away when it’s turned up considerably. If you have access to a load box you could try...
  2. DudeManBrother

    Strat Mods!

    Why not just turn up the gain and play what you have? Single coils can work great for prog and fusion. Obviously it’s your guitar so do what you want, but don’t feel like you have to swap pickups just to play a particular genre.
  3. DudeManBrother

    Your top melodeath albums?

    Insomnium’s Above the Weeping World and Be’lakor’s Of Breath and Bone are still my go-to melodeath albums. I love basically all TBDM albums as well, but those are a way different side of however melodeath could be classified.
  4. DudeManBrother

    NAD 2005 3 tube Splawn Quick Rod

    Yeah they’re talking about axefx models. With the real amps: You can get an incredible tone by turning the treble all the way down to zero. It shifts the midrange and still stays bright; but rounds off some of the ice picky transients Marshall’s sometimes get. Gain and master volume levels...
  5. DudeManBrother

    Quitting music

    Bruh women are such beta males. Go do some sit-ups in a park and eat some raw meat. Searing flesh is so mid.
  6. DudeManBrother

    2021 Plugin Deals Thread

    Back on sale like it was last year. Seriously worth checking out. You can really get a cool console like workflow with the free software that utilizes these two plugins.
  7. DudeManBrother

    500 series thread!

    Check out Hairball Audio. They make a killer mic pre, eq, and 1176 that are available in 500 series. Good colored compression is probably the hardest thing to emulate in plugins without some serious cpu consumption, and just catching peaks on vocals makes an 1176 a must have for tracking imo...
  8. DudeManBrother

    switching between 4/4 and 3/4

    I change time sigs like that constantly in riffs and songs. Sometimes during writing I’ll just add a section of 5/4-4/4-3/4 instead of 3 bars at 4/4 just to see what I create within the parameters of such a meter.
  9. DudeManBrother

    hardware mic pre's vs uad apollo interface?

    Yeah just grab a mic pre (w/ eq is very nice) first, then compressor next.
  10. DudeManBrother

    hardware mic pre's vs uad apollo interface?

    A good hardware mic pre is way more than a 10% difference imo. The top end “air” is untouchable, and way worth the investment if you plan on using it a lot. I noticed such an immediate improvement, and other vocalists I’ve worked notice too. You can dial an 1176 to be pretty transparent by...
  11. DudeManBrother

    Interface input level vs plugins input level

    We perceive louder as better, so you should record a riff at your previous level and again at the new level; then level match them and see if it’s actually improved or just louder.
  12. DudeManBrother

    Tube Amp vs. Pedals vs. non-Master Volume

    Just play with the controls until it sounds good. If it takes pedals to get there: who cares. The tone isn’t as important as what you do with it. Dime the MV if you really want the wide open sound. I bet we’re playing to ourselves 90%+ of the time :lol: and nobody has approached me after a...
  13. DudeManBrother

    Anyone actually nab a PS5?

    I don’t believe you can use PS4 controllers on ps5 games without something like a Cronus Zen. I think you could actually use that to run Xbox controllers too.
  14. DudeManBrother

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Went for a Chameleon Labs VCA compressor. It’s essentially an SSL Bus Comp, but has selectable Peak/RMS detection, an internal sidechain high pass, and a wet/dry blend for simple parallel compression. Can’t wait to try it out.
  15. DudeManBrother

    Help me decide on my first ever tube amp

    You could always grab a reverb pedal too. That said: a Blues King would be good for that pushed, edge of breakup tone. The low end can get really flubby under higher gain, so you’d probably need to add an eq to clean it up. There’s really not much headroom either, so keeping the low end clean...
  16. DudeManBrother

    Help me decide on my first ever tube amp

    Yeah the 50 is my personal Origin of choice as well, but the 20 is awesome too, and is more in line specifically with what he was asking for wattage wise. The med power on the 20 is very similar to low power on the 50, and high is like the med 50 setting. They have a different feel to them...
  17. DudeManBrother

    Help me decide on my first ever tube amp

    Oh I meant the head. I don’t think a single 10” speaker will quite do it. I’m sure most people that go for the combo end up cutting the baffle to stick a 12” in there. I have the 50w head and bought my dad the 20w head and they are absolutely killer amps.
  18. DudeManBrother

    Help me decide on my first ever tube amp

    Marshall Origin 20 all day. Killer clean, takes pedals like a champ, 1-5-20 watt selector, classic tones for days, and can get very modern tones with a few pedals. Bargain price as well.
  19. DudeManBrother

    Ugly Snare BOOM I cannot tame, HELP

    Have you tried removing the compression and sticking a clipper or limiter on there instead? Anything slower than the fastest attack will let the transient through, and in most every compressor, save those with look ahead, you will be letting some portion of it through, which will only make it...
  20. DudeManBrother

    EQ: parameter & graphic

    A lot of that top end that you like doesn’t come from the amp/pedals, but from the studio it was recorded in, and the gear they used to mix it. It all comes after the speaker. You could get a Neve or API mic pre, an 1176, and maybe a Pultec to get something close, but even with clones, that’s...