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  1. Daken1134

    FS OAF headless falcon 8 string

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: amazing oakland axe factory 8 string falcon, mahogany body wish a flamed red wood top and an inlaid rosewood F hole, guitar is unreal just cant afford to keep it at the moment unfortunately, has some wear and glad to go into details if anyone is...
  2. Daken1134

    Beginning 8 string guitar lessons

    so i know there is a specific lesson section but i feel like there is a lack of 8 string instruction, sorry if this should go to the lesson area but i feel its easier to access and would get to more people on here. i started writing an instrustional book for 8 string guitar and instead decided...
  3. Daken1134

    8 string Acoustic Ovation playthrough/EP

    so today i dropped my new all acoustic 8 string EP called Biodiversity as well as the above video play through of the title track. let me know what you guys think and if you like it there are links to it on the video.
  4. Daken1134

    Ovation 8 string

    so i recently recieved this awesome 8 string ovation and did a decent video with it. guitar is totally unreal what do you guys think
  5. Daken1134

    Ibanez RG9 review/demo

    so i got an rg9 and here is my review/demo of it, already sold it cause... well its just not for me
  6. Daken1134

    RG9QM clean guitar playthrough

    This is my first attempt at writing something on a 9 string, ive been asked by quite a few people if i ever would pick one up so here ya go hope you enjoy, song is titled "first train to freedom"
  7. Daken1134

    Jazzy 8 string breakdown

    so ive decided im going to be doing a breakdown of various riffs and licks every other week that i think could benefit ERG players and here is the first of them, let me know what you think
  8. Daken1134

    Acoustic 8 string Video Playthrough

    so in hopes of helping my kickstarter campaign i did an exclusive playthrough video for a song on my upcoming EP (still a demo at this point) with gear gods, enjoy
  9. Daken1134

    8 String Acoustic EP

    Not sure if this is the correct area for it but i figure mods will quickly figure it out, trying to do an acoustic 8 string EP, watch the vid hope you enjoy, the family has been behind me for quite some time now and im very thankful for that :) as little as $1 gets you a full download of...
  10. Daken1134

    Clean 8 String Video Point Pleasant

    Finally recorded a playthrough of the title track from my first solo effort on the 8 string, enjoy
  11. Daken1134

    Agile Renaissance 8 Demo

    Recently after a long time of deliberating, decided to splurge for the agile renaissance 8, here is a small demo of the sound as well as a review, hope you enjoy it. Already installed a K&K pickup in it and im waiting on heavier strings, then i should have quite a bit of stuff coming out on here
  12. Daken1134

    Justin Beiber Meets 8 String

    So im starting to play out at a few places around town and im adding chordal melodies to my repetoir and decided to give this one a shot... oppinions?
  13. Daken1134

    Breaking Benjamin gone... jazzy?

    So i decided to try and turn a breaking benjamin song into a funky weird jazz tuen here's what happened
  14. Daken1134

    Oakland axe factory Falcon 8 - no distortion

    So i recently upped my game on videos and stuff and after NAMM have a HUGE drive to really push the envelope and see how far i can take the whole solo 8 string thing. here is my latest play through hope you guys enjoy (also have a few live vids of me demoing at namm if anyone i intersted)
  15. Daken1134

    Halo Custom 8 String W/Hardcase

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Up for sale is my relatively brand new Halo Custom 8 string. Had it built to my specs, im the only owner. the guitar is actually great i just dont play it after buying my Oakland Axe Factory, the neck is a little to thick for me but everything else is...
  16. Daken1134

    Beginner 8 string lesson

    so i get allot of people hitting me up saying "hey i play guitar a little bit but i want an 8 but i dont know where to start etc" so i finally made a starter basic 8 string lesson Vid
  17. Daken1134

    Songwriting Competition with big prizes

    So im not quite sure where to post this seeing as i dont usually do giveaways or anything but i figure if its in here someone will find it. so im putting on a contest right now and it will be judged by myself, Paul Ozz, Matt Perrin, and Darius Wave, here are the specifics
  18. Daken1134

    Lying Through Your Teeth - OAF 8 string playthrough

    So i finally got around to doing another playthrough off my debut solo CD. Originally wrote this one when i essentially had only 2 fingers functional on my left hand and its the ONLY song ive ever written in an open tuning. hope you enjoy
  19. Daken1134

    OAF Falcon 8 (GORGEOUS) review/demo

    so i decided to jump on the OAF Falcon run that was goin on designed by Morten Fjeld and Tom Drinkwater instead of a super long review typed out i did a video. only thing i didnt mention is turnaround was only like 3 or 4 months which is insane
  20. Daken1134

    Halo Custom Merus 8 (video content)

    so i just recently recieved my Halo guitars Merus 8 custom here is my little review/demo of it. hope you enjoy gotta say besides the large neck the guitar is impeccable