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    How does the Schecter Usa Km7 stack up to others?

    Whilst I haven't played or seen many USA KM's, the standard of their USA built guitars/customs is very good. On par with Suhr/EBMM I'd say.
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    Multiscale seven-strings, mid-price recs?

    2nd Schecter for this. I'd also say Cort are an interesting option in this price range too, been quite impressed with what I've seen for this model
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    Either Mark Morton is trolling or he's teasing a little somethin somethin

    Maybe a firebird type Gibson sig would be cool for him
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    NGD: Aristides, bring sunglasses for this one!

    Apart from the backplate I quite like the colour, the paint splatter vibe usually isn't my thing but it works here! HNGD waiting patiently for my Aristides to arrive in the next few months
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    JHS little black amp box???

    Yeah what everyone else has said, basically a volume pot in a pedal. I got one 2nd hand for cheap, and was using it with my Mesa MKV25 head which has a very twitchy volume knob - does the job
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    New Slipknot track - The Dying Song (Time To Sing)

    I quite enjoyed Yen, seemed a little bit more different than the other singles which were more paint by numbers imo. But agreed these songs don't sound as strong as the last album to me atm
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    Aristides Guitars

    ^ Good to know. I asked for a tremelno to be installed in mine, so checking atm whether the claw works with that or not. Planning on keeping it in Drop A initially, but may put it down to Drop F# in the future (or order another ;) )
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    Aristides Guitars

    Any H/0 trem users have experience with the Shaw Claw is it a worthwhile addition? From what I can tell it makes leveling out the bridge easier/more accessible anything I've missed?
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    Snagged a Modern Suhr

    My modern has been my number 1 for a long time now, great guitars!
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    Designing best Value for Money Mayones

    I'd recommend checking out Vandermeij guitars, their guitar shape the Magistra is like a Regius/Duvell hybrid and his work is top notch. Not sure on wait times now, but mine was around 10 months and came to ~£3k for a multiscale 7 Again Aristides make killer 8's (if you dig their multi scale...
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    New Metal Music Thread

    Following our set at Techfest, and supporting Dropout Kings/Borders my band have just released our new single Heirloom (FFO Erra/Wage War/Silent Planet) Let me know your thoughts :)
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    Am I being overcharged for Mayones?

    Prices generally have gone up quite a bit, and custom prices for mayo's have always (in my experience) been a good 1.5k+ depending on specs more than the top end shelf model, so I'm not surprised in some ways. In 2019 I was quoted around 4k for a custom duvell (ended up going with Vandermeij who...
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    New Slipknot track - The Dying Song (Time To Sing)

    Its only first single so was expecting a more traditional slipknot tune, which this is (Vol 3 and grey chapter vibes imo). I like it, don't love it - agree something feels off about the chorus, like it's performed well etc but it doesn't quite mesh with the rest of the song to me. Corey's new...
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    2x NGD: Ronciswall Vapor 7

    The redwood one especially looks great! Glad you're enjoying them more this time around
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    NGD Rusti Guitars Lotus #1 headless

    Real shame to hear this! As you say their work look incredible visually. But thanks for the detailed thoughts/experience/review I was thinking I haven't seen any of these in the wild which so clicked on this with hope of them being good
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    Aristides Guitars

    Played my first Aristides at techfest in the UK over the weekend. Was awesome Super excited for my in progress build now! And shoutout to the guys on the stand they were super friendly and helpful
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    Anyone like Invent Animate?

    Yeah old vocalist left in 2018 I think and was replaced by the Aviana vocalist not sure why tho
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    NGD: Not your grandpa's grand am [Anderson Content]

    Thats an amazing Anderson! The switcheroo system is interesting as well HNGD
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    Anyone like Invent Animate?

    Glad they navigated the vocalist change a while back and they seem to be hitting their stride even more now!