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  1. fwd0120

    EyeSpeak, device for ALS, Kickstarter (Jason Becker content)

    This looks very promising. I never got to meet my great grandfather, only a few months before I came into the world, due to ALS. Those that suffer from the illness would greatly benefit from something like this. Once you lose your ability to communicate, your quality of life can go way down...
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    College amp Suggestions??

    Hello SSO'ers! The reality has just hit me that I need a combo amp for school. I'm a jazz major, so I'll need clean headroom for drums. Also a decent gain channel. The cheaper the better. Would a modelling amp like a Spider or Vypyr work? Used and cheap is fine by me. Ideally as low as 200...
  3. fwd0120

    Let's do the omnibook!!!

    A local respected sax player and instructor laid down a challenge to fellow artists, not in a competition kind of way, but in a totally-beneficial-to-your-musical-education way. Basically starting with tunes 1 (Confirmation) through 9 (Donna Lee:shred::shred:). So, brush up on your reading, open...
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    EZDrummer 2 Q&A

    Inspired by some threads I read here recently, and knowing there is one for SD, and all the questions about EZD2, I figured it would be logical to have this thread with hopes that people will use it and learn. Ask away and hopefully get your question answered!
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    Shreddy Planet from Planet Bizarro! Mixtest Lert me know what you think. I'm from a more instrumental rock background, in fact, this will be on an album with mostly Satch-y type stuff, even more bluesy songs (like my song Sunday Afternoon, on SC), so my...
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    New, "Low-End" Imac?

    Glad they decided to make a lower tier, but 1100$ sounds a bit steep, especially for a 1.4Ghz Dual-core. I mean, I could easily make a i7 for that. Let the discussion begin!
  7. fwd0120

    Cool screen savers?

    You guys know any? Really Slick Screensavers - hypnotic 3D eye candy This is the only one I really know, but I like the set a lot! I have fun watching the physics in openGL kind of stuff.
  8. fwd0120

    Addictive Drums 2 thread!

    Don't think there is a thread for this yet... Hope I got it in the right section. Sounds exciting? Wonder if they are trying to steal the hubbub surrounding EZD2? Addictive Drums 2 I wonder what kind of features they will be adding?
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    Scuffham amps?

    Anybody heard of these? Made by a former worker for Marshall. Looks interesting. The Jackal
  10. fwd0120

    AC/DC retiring? Malcolm Young stroke.

    Sad news. Sketchy info so far, but at the very least, wishing Malcolm a good recovery! Report: AC/DC to Call It Quits Due to Malcolm Young's Illness? | Guitar World
  11. fwd0120

    The under twenty club!

    I've been seeing the 30-up thread, and figured why not have one for my age! I'm 19 and have been on here for almost 5 years. What are you guys into?
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    About to set-up new PC. HDD partitioning and organizing help needed.

    Hey SSO people! Long-time lurker, but now finally need to seek your advice. I was donated a PC, and am working on making it my PC. It is still a little dated, but I'm not bothered by it. Specs: MoBo: XFX680i LT SLI RAM: Corsair 1024MB 800Mhz X4 HDDs (here are the passmark pages for them)...
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    We love Jason Becker!!!

    Heard Jason was feeling down. What an amazing man!! One of the greatest guitar players in history and an incredible inspiration to all!
  14. fwd0120

    Jason Becker is sad.

    From his FaceBook page. It might be nice to leave a comment or message for him to try to help cheer him up and support him. He has his own forum which he reads.
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    Deciding between CPUs

    Hello 7Stringers!!!!!! Got another question for you guys. I am stuck in the wonderful dilemma between CPUs for an upgrade. This PC was a donor to me a few weeks ago, and is already better than what I am on currently. Here are the specs. (it is still old though, but I'm broke) -MoBo: EVGA 680...
  16. fwd0120

    Buy Maynard's house!

    Tool Frontman Maynard James Keenan Selling Home for 2.5 Million | Music News | Rolling Stone Seems legit. I bet if you give him an extra $2.5M, they might finish the album in this eon!
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    Harry Manx's Rare guitar stolen!

    From his facebook page:
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    New song "September" playthrough.

    Hey SSO!!! :shred: here is my newest song "September". I hope you guys dig it!
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    New song play-through and looking for support.

    Hello my SSO brothers. I wanted to first of all thank you for all the advice I have been given here over the years that have helped hone my craft. I feel I have come a long since I joined, and I sincerely thank you. Today, I want to share my newest song and my current situation. This is a...
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    Al-Qaeda in control of Falluja. Great news, innit?