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  1. Zeno

    New poor man's Mayones by Ibanez

    FRAK ME THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'M ON IN MONTHS AND I SEE THIS? God damn I want one of these now. I got back into playing my 7 string and I gotta say those are gorgeous.
  2. Zeno

    TC Electronic Sub N Up Polyphonic Octave Generator

    Apparently this'll be $130, and be out in about 2 weeks, so this looks like it'll end up WAY better than the Nano POG, given the toneprint functionality is also giving you complete EQ over your octaves, the ability to add drive to octaves, and add in modulation as well
  3. Zeno

    Learning to undersand the intricacies of tone creation

    One thing I'd do honestly is find a suggestion someone gave with a certain setting on the 11r to get close, but don't follow them word for word. One of the best tones I made on my POD HD was one someone said "Hey, I discovered I really like the Line 6 Epic amp model with the master volume...
  4. Zeno

    Tuning a 5 string to drop C

    Yeah, just find yourself a string tension calculator, and build custom sets. personally I like around 40 pounds of tension on each string, but that may not be the case for you
  5. Zeno

    Vader 7 - 25.5'' or 27'' ?

    No it wouldn't. It actually mathematically works out almost perfectly however, that Drop Ab and Drop G would feel the same with the same gauges, on a 25.5" and 27" guitar respectively. Let's use a standard D'addario 10-59 set for comparison Len 25.5 E4b .010" dapl == 14.45# B3b .013" dapl ==...
  6. Zeno

    NPDx2 - The addiction is real

    You'll love that Swollen Pickle, HNPD man - it's the best fuzz I've ever tried, myself. Beats out the Muffs and Fuzz Faces easily. And don't forget, there's two more controls inside it~
  7. Zeno

    Tuning a 5 string to drop C

    Just get the right strings for it, and you're good
  8. Zeno

    Suggest a multifx that doesnt need a tubescreamer to boost

    Honestly, if it works so well for you, I'd just stick with it - no sense in changing what works well. If cables going down worries you, perhaps try a setup with things in effects loops and a switcher - it doubles the cables, but it also makes it easier to trouble shoot. Do that, bring backups...
  9. Zeno

    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    Nice Pants - nah, you can't really do that. I mean, you could, and sorta get away without touching much, but ultimately, completely resetting the guitar when you change string gauge and tuning is ideal - gotta first check string height, then neck relief, then after that, intonate it...
  10. Zeno

    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    Eh, depends on how hard you wanna hit - tapping and playing really hard ultimately require two completely different string tension setups, on the opposite ends of the spectrum, to be completely playable. It's still tapable, by all means, but not as easy as say, 9-42+54+74 or something. Low...
  11. Zeno

    What is this insane sound?

    Personally I thought that sounded like a guitar slowed way the .... down, then pitch shifted back up to the right octave, but a flanger with the right settings, or the delay ideas people have had could be it, too. I don't think it's a fuzz, though. However, based on the attack of the second...
  12. Zeno

    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    Not at all - if it worked on a Loomis sig, then it'll work on this - it might be slightly tighter, the B, E, and E strings are around 20 pounds of tension each, but personally I enjoy that, gives it more immediacy and snap to it. Not for everybody, though.
  13. Zeno

    8-string fuzz

    what I like to do is run my Way Huge Swollen Pickle Mk II into the front of my Peavey Bandit's distortion channel. Personally, I've never liked the way fuzz into a clean amp has sounded, it's always sounded much meaner, more chainsaw like when I use it with an already distorted tone - I simply...
  14. Zeno

    Digitech drop pedal for periphery?

    Gonna echo everybody's sentiments here - it'd be good if you tuned to Drop D, and then used it to get to Drop C, but not past that. The problem is, as people have touched on here, that it drops the entire signal down in pitch, when really when we tune down all we want is the note itself being...
  15. Zeno

    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    Well, ultimately that depends on what you like for other tunings and scale lengths, so reference for that would be great, but honestly I'd just give 10-13-17-26-36-46-59-80 a shot, and then tweak from there. That'd be a pretty easy set to put together, just grab a D'addario 7 string set and a...
  16. Zeno

    How low can I tune my guitar?

    Oh that's easily achieved. Pick up a D'addario 7 string 9-56 set, chuck the high E, and bam, done. I was thinking this would get into "I want to tune to the 0th octave" type stuff - trust me, C or B standard is nothing, you're fine tuning that low~
  17. Zeno

    Abasi Concepts/Larada Megathread

    I'd play it. ...idk if I'd drop a couple grand on one brand new, but I'd snap it up for maybe $1.5k used
  18. Zeno

    On a budget amp trip..

    If you want some good versatility, I'd get two amps - the Fender Bassbreaker 7 watt, and a used Grey, Blue, or Red Peavey bandit - that Bassbreaker does some AWESOME crunch tones, and is very responsive to playing and volume dynamics, and the Bandit a ridiculously awesome clean channel, and...
  19. Zeno

    NLSD - New Lightsaber Day!!

    Oh yeah, I don't know .... about swordfighting hahaha - Matter of fact, I plan on picking up a double bladed saber to use more like a bo staff, as I've got a lot more experience with those than any sword weaponry