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  1. The Dark Wolf

    Still Some of the Funniest Shit Ever...

    Wow. The first time I saw this in the theater, I laughed so hard, I honest-to-God literally was afraid I would choke and die. I could barely look at the screen. I was actually embarrassing myself, I was laughing so hard. Thus, I present to you, the classic scene. We've probably all seen it...
  2. The Dark Wolf

    Soulja Girl, AKA MARTA Train Hoodrat. AKA Batshit Insane Bitch

    NWS for language. So, this crazy bitch goes insane on an old lady, for Christ's sake, gets arrested, and woe-is-me, she's just bi-polar! Woman in YouTube rant had prior MARTA arrest | Ok, so she's rational enough to know how to take a train, but not enough to report to her probation...
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  4. The Dark Wolf

    Google Search... Fubar'd?

    Appears EVERY website is harmful. I think this is global. Been seeing news articles pop up. Weird. Thought I had some whacky bug for a minute.
  5. The Dark Wolf

    They Killed the Giggler, Man.

    "They had no business doing that. None." He said drily.
  6. The Dark Wolf

    Custom Pickup Raffle - Helps a Great Charity

    Bit o' "spam" for you guys :lol: but a great opportunity to get some custom pickups for your 6er, and it helps a great charity. So, it's tasty spam! CUSTOM PICKUP RAFFLE The raffle tickets are only ONE DOLLAR! The charity this raffle helps support is The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation -...
  7. The Dark Wolf

    Auto CEOs Fly to Ask for Money in Private Jets

    Big Three auto CEOs flew private jets to ask for taxpayer money - These fuckers just do not get it. :wallbash:
  8. The Dark Wolf

    This Owns Your Face

    One of the best fucking shows ever. Season 1, episode 1. :hbang: Michael Mann, I will bear your children. Plus, one of the best songs EVAAAAR! !!!
  9. The Dark Wolf

    Pant Sagging Is...

    The stupidest fucking fashion trend EVER. Opinion: Pull up your pants, you big buffoon This guy? ^ Thank you. :bowdown: 1. How the fuck do they even keep their drawers up in the first place? Up, as in, not falling to their knees. (Ever see the douchebags that do this run? :lol...
  10. The Dark Wolf

    Great New Obama Ad - Funny (James Taylor Content)

    Just saw this on TV. Definitely got a big chuckle from me :D Amusing, appropriate, and timely. :lol:
  11. The Dark Wolf

    Redneck Win.

    The story of my life... minus getting stoned. And I live in the 'hood. :lol:
  12. The Dark Wolf

    Don Lafontaine - Awesome Voice Over Guy

    Don LaFontaine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia He just passed away! (Sept. 1) :( You all know him, I'm sure. Don LaFontaine: the Movie Trailer Voice Guy RIP - CollegeHumor video Pablo Francisco did a terrific interpretation of him, too. So funny. RIP, Don. You had my dream job.
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    What Do We Have Here?

  14. The Dark Wolf

    Job Interviewing Tips For The Job Seekers

    These will help you very much. :D
  15. The Dark Wolf

    WSOP - Insane Bad Beat

    So a guy at the World Series of Poker No Limit Hold 'Em Main Event got 4 aces on the river. Problem? His opponent got a Royal Flush! :eek: Even for those not in the know, the odds of that are apparently 2.7 BILLION to 1. Put it this way - I've never seen a Royal Flush (10, J, K Q, A...
  16. The Dark Wolf

    For Noodles!

  17. The Dark Wolf

    Puitin Alleges the GOP Orchestrated Georgian Conflict!

    Fucking wow! :lol: Putin accuses U.S. of orchestrating Georgian war -
  18. The Dark Wolf

    Dog Dies While Cop Detains Owner

    The Story Beloved Dog Dies While Owner Held By Police The emotional, frantic owner was met with comments from the officer such as "It's a dog, okay? You can get another one, relax." The couple waited about 20 minutes for a ticket to be written. Tragically, Missy died while they waited...
  19. The Dark Wolf

    There's a new joke going around...

    Have ya heard it? What did the five fingers say to the face? :D :lol:
  20. The Dark Wolf

    I'm Your Daddy, Brother, Lover, and Your Little Boy?

    :D Mr. Big, this song owns. For some reason, I just had it pop in my head. This performance is the shit. Live in San Fran, totally rips. Paul and Billy have a back-and-forth session between them that is so far beyond what was typical out it's amazing.