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  1. Spaced Out Ace

    Tech 21 US Metal/Steel

    Anyone tried one? I'm thinking of trying one out, but curious about others experiences before I do. I recently bought a California, Blonde, and British, and wouldn't adding one more metal centric pedal from the Character series to my rig. Let me know your experiences.
  2. Spaced Out Ace

    Anyone tried D'addario XT/XS strings?

    I've wanted to try 8 gauge strings for some time, and I can get XT single strings. I'm curious if anyone has used these strings from D'addario. I don't have any problem with the Elixirs aside from them not offering an 8 gauge single string. I'm also curious which version is more like the Elixir...
  3. Spaced Out Ace

    what frequency range do guitar amps, cabs, etc usually operate?

    I’m thinking of using my CAB M with the Custom EQ with the high shelf to kind of roll off around the area where guitar speakers, amps, etc. typically roll off. If I had to guess, it is around 6 or 7 kHz, but I’m not certain. Also, where does the low end roll off?
  4. Spaced Out Ace

    Distortion pedals that sound good into cab sims for ampless rig?

    What are some distortion pedals that sound good into cab sim pedals like the Two Notes Cab M or Joyo Cab Box/Mooer Radar? I know the Metal Zone sounds great, but what are some others? Yes, I know, Cab M has a preamp, but I don’t care for how it makes pedals sound in my experience.
  5. Spaced Out Ace

    Lordi box set -- Lordiversity

    Apparently, Lordi did a box set of 6 new albums, titled Lordiversity. It seems that all six albums are more specific in that one album is more thrash oriented, another is more AOR, prog, etc. Seems like a cool concept. I guess they'll be releasing them digitally between November 26th, when the...
  6. Spaced Out Ace

    Guitar shipping question

    Anyone have an idea how much it costs lately to ship a guitar UPS or FedEx? Trying to get a rough idea as I need to ship some stuff to move.
  7. Spaced Out Ace

    Well... Ric Flair is getting "cancelled" (DSOTR)

    Vice's Dark Side of the Ring aired an episode about the Plane Ride from Hell, and Ric Flair (as well as a few others) are getting "cancelled." He basically strutted in his robe with nothing else on, and was "windmilling" his dick around, as well as possibly having a flight attendant cornered and...
  8. Spaced Out Ace

    Vox AC15 and AC30: Class A or A/B?

    I searched some yesterday, and was unable to determine if the Vox AC15 and AC30 were class A (as I think most believe), or A/B. I was also trying to determine if they were pentode or triode. Does anyone on here know? I’d ask the old codgers and lawyers on TGP, but I got banned, so I’m asking here.
  9. Spaced Out Ace

    Bought a Cab M+, mixed opinions

    So I've have a Cab M before and liked it, but sold it because my rig changed. Decided to get a new one, and for a few reasons, I'm just not liking it as much. For one, a handful of the cab sims I liked are no longer on the device, and you have to buy them - thanks, Two Notes. For another, I'm...
  10. Spaced Out Ace

    Tusq XL nut for Strat question

    If I got a Tusq XL nut for my Stratocasters, how much work would need to be done to the nut? I've never swapped a nut before, and I'd prefer not to screw it up. I know I need to tap the old nut out and use a little glue for the new nut, but would I need to do anything like file or sand the nut?
  11. Spaced Out Ace

    MXR Phasers and stages

    I'm not certain which is which (MXR makes a number of phasers at this point, with various amount of stages), but I was curious how many stages the 100, 90 and 45 use? 10, 8 and 4 respectively?
  12. Spaced Out Ace

    Is there a website that calculates walking distance?

    I go for walks every day for exercise, and I'd like to keep a spreadsheet of how far I've walked each week. I was curious if there was a website that lets me know what distance I've walked each day. I would use Google Maps, however, it doesn't calculate going in a loop very well. Any suggestions...
  13. Spaced Out Ace

    How Flangers work!

    This might be helpful for some people out there who don't know what the controls do, or how they affect the Flanger. Very educational, and it also has some onscreen demonstrations to make it sink in a bit more.
  14. Spaced Out Ace

    Compressor as an OD/Boost?

    Apparently some people use a comp as an overdrive or boost. How does that work? I'd think it would reduce the volume (limiter), but I don't have much experience with a comp. I was kind of looking at the Dyna Comp Deluxe or Custom Comp Deluxe.
  15. Spaced Out Ace

    Does anyone use the middle pickup?

    Maybe this is the right section for this, but I'm curious if anyone uses the middle pickup, typically a single coil, because it seems like a lot of people just dump them down into the guitar. For instance, Yngwie Malmsteen and Ritchie Blackmore just seem to have it for looks. I like all three...
  16. Spaced Out Ace

    NGD: Bought a JP95 -- What's the Test / Norm switch for?

    Well, I bought a GCB95F recently, and that was an almost instant "no." I didn't care for how it sounded at all. I went on Reverb to look at what they have for JP95 offerings, and bought one for $115 shipped (+$10 in tax). The bottom plate is pretty fucked, no bottom feet, two screws for the...
  17. Spaced Out Ace

    Crybaby from Hell / 535Q setting suggestions...

    I have a Crybaby from Hell, and I'm thinking about selling it, but figure I should ask for setting suggestions to try prior to putting it up for sale. I'm looking for a Hendrix, Wylde, Michael Schenker, or Yngwie (Fire & Ice, Seventh Sign era) tone. I know all of them had a different wah tone...
  18. Spaced Out Ace

    Strat trem block question

    I bought a Fender Player Stratocaster HSS, and like it for the most part. However, I think the trem block is slightly off, making the trem arm difficult to screw in. Looking in the trem cavity in the back of the guitar, the block itself might be slightly crooked. Are there any options to get it...
  19. Spaced Out Ace

    Weird gear uses for awesome tones

    Do you use any pieces of gear in a "weird" way that no one (or at least most) else do not use to get cool tones? The reason I decided to post this is because I think it is strange that Criss Oliva of Savatage apparently got his tones via two SD-1 pedals. Supposedly the pedals were all the way up...
  20. Spaced Out Ace

    Strat neck + body question

    I have been thinking of getting a Strat or two (the second one dependent on whether or not I sell an amp). I was looking at Stratosphere's Reverb page, and thinking about possibly buying a Fender neck I like (one that they've taken from a guitar) and pairing it with a Strat body I like...