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  1. CanserDYI

    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    I just heard the absolute BEST company motto, and whoever came up with this one deserves a raise and their face blown up and put on the front of the building. Theres a pretty well known towing service in my town called "Throne's Towing", and their motto? "Help is just a throne's tow away."...
  2. CanserDYI

    Strandy Boden7-ish build

    Wow man looks fantastic. Great build.
  3. CanserDYI

    Multiscale seven-strings, mid-price recs?

    Schecter is easily one of the most consistent brands out there from low end to high end, theyre pretty bang on. I personally would buy a schecter over a Jackson 99 times out of 100.
  4. CanserDYI

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Everyone post their political compasses and we can laugh about who's a fascist and who isn't.
  5. CanserDYI

    Star Guitar Build

    Aw fuck yeah. More stars the better.
  6. CanserDYI

    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    How does the Rock pee? He Dwayne's his Johnson.
  7. CanserDYI

    Mayones Custom Thread

    Regius's remind me of Ibanez Sabers, pretty cool.
  8. CanserDYI

    Need An Impulse Loader With 6 Slots

    I find a lot of those tutorials more damaging than helping as amateurs will start to pick up techniques that they "saw their favorite producer do it" but not know the reason WHY they did it. I never complicate my flow without having a direct reason to do so. Let plug ins and techniques solve a...
  9. CanserDYI

    Jeff Loomis signature sustain blocks

    Jesus fucking Christ are we kidding? What's next signature bridge saddles? Edit: man without reading comments I tend to make same jokes as people. I need to frikkin read my dudes.
  10. CanserDYI

    "Not Worth its own thread" Thread

    Found this at my local park. Who the fuck signed off on this, then I want to know who put them in place??
  11. CanserDYI

    What game are you playing?

    I've still yet to try any form of real VR outside of the shitty cell phone ones from like Alcatel which are just a phone holder for your head.
  12. CanserDYI

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Tell me why you fucks still haven't slapped Y Ddraig Goch on your flag. You got the saint andrews cross, the english twat cross allllll up in there but yet no fuckin red dragon. They even included St. Patrick's cross in there and there are twice as many sheep shaggers as you guys! Cymru am byth...
  13. CanserDYI

    Help Choosing First 8 String

    Definitely agree on the pickup side of things, the ones that are in the RG8 are literal Cort bass pickups. You're honestly fine either way, but the RGMS8 pups are way more usable in my experience.
  14. CanserDYI

    Help Choosing First 8 String

    Yeah I was actually surprised to find how usable the stock tuners are. I threw some "Guyker" brand ones on and they were soooo bad and wiggly and creaky, I legit threw the original no name indo made ones back on and havent had a problem since.
  15. CanserDYI

    Help Choosing First 8 String

    Thats still a 500 dollar difference that I'm not sure I myself can justify for a paint job, gold hardware, and some pickups I'd probably swap anyways. Maybe to some people that's worth the time and hassle doing all the modding, but that's what I enjoy doing personally. To each his own. EDIT...
  16. CanserDYI

    Help Choosing First 8 String

    Then yeah at that point thats insane. I got mine for $259 USD which is about $370 AUD. I'm sorry your gear market seems so inflated :(
  17. CanserDYI

    Help Choosing First 8 String

    Okay my opinion on the RG80F is that its a great guitar, but its just a fancy RG8 with fishmans and locking tuners, which you can aquire used for much cheaper than that RG80F, my two cents, get an RG8 for like 300 bucks, and see if 8 strings are even for you. Then pickup a used set of fishmans...
  18. CanserDYI

    Triple NGD (kind of) (Kiesel, Schecter, NK)

    Everyone is smoking crack, the Schecter is easily the coolest of those 3.
  19. CanserDYI

    Either Mark Morton is trolling or he's teasing a little somethin somethin

    Is that a flat top junior style? Edit: nope I think I see the belly and they wouldn't need that bracket on the pickguard. This makes me want a figured topped junior.
  20. CanserDYI

    Abasi Concepts/Larada Megathread

    I swear to God if it has anything to do with tone I'm going to quit this site I swear. (God knows I'm joking but ill threaten it!!)