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    Need An Impulse Loader With 6 Slots

    Two Notes Wall of Sound can load 6 IRs simultaneously and is way more stable than LeCab
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    U.S Residents Who've Purchased from Thomann

    It's not UPS charging you fees, it's customs. The rates are clearly published. You can also search, example, a $350 guitar, click Chapter 92. The rate is 8.7% depending on the **county of manufacturing**. It doesn't matter...
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    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    What don't the first hand victims report him and his business to USCIS? He is not a citizen afaik Many legal immigrants are terrified of minor traffic tickets ruining their applications. How a known fraud can get a green card is beyond me.
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    Dimarzio Tone Zone 7

    I'll just throw in that I have a Blaze Custom and Blaze Neck in a Rico Jr. that sound like someone put a pillow on a gas power lawn mower engine. Not some fancy new one, the kind from the 70s that sputters. Aka, utter garbage. Unless there is some bad component or failed solder joint, I would...
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    Bareknuckle pickup decision.

    I have an Aftermath in a Skervesen. I would avoid it. It is polarizing because it has a honk/quack that really comes out on some amps, but less so on others. Think of it like the character a boost gives to a Rectifier x10. It sounds excessive through something already tight like a Savage. If a...
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    What percent of guitar/amp/gear sales are for "metal" vs. other genres?

    I'd take a Fender American Standard strat neck over a flat wizard neck for shred any day.
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    What percent of guitar/amp/gear sales are for "metal" vs. other genres?

    I mean if we are going with "metal musicians wrote it", let's count almost all pop music in thanks to people like Max Martin. :rolleyes: And Andy James was famous before FFDP. He joined as a session dude. What a waste of his talent... But it probably pays his bills. My point... That's like...
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    What percent of guitar/amp/gear sales are for "metal" vs. other genres?

    You just defined polymeter, not polyrhythm, which was my point.
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    What percent of guitar/amp/gear sales are for "metal" vs. other genres?

    The farts smell amazing today don't they? It's really hard to take this argument seriously. The thread started off with metal being "10%" of guitar. Then you completely neglected that "95%" of metal is bro music and bands like Five Finger Death Punch, which is nothing like the progressive wet...
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    What percent of guitar/amp/gear sales are for "metal" vs. other genres?

    I have near exclusively been a metal snob for 30 years. Since when is Solar boutique?! In all seriousness, the magnitude of your bias is deafeningly loud. There are tons of boutique guitar brands that don't cater to metal. Nash, Waterslide, Collings, Relish, Baker, Friedman, Lava Drop, etc...
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    Favorite high gain amps

    Honestly didn't play the the Savage, Savage mk2 or Synergy module back to back. They all have a similar character since I liked all 3 immediately. ;) The module also sounds different in different power amps. I'd honestly probably grab an Engl power amp before the Savage head, moreso because I...
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    Favorite high gain amps

    Engl or Herbert? Engl. I have an e580 and Synergy Savage Module. I've played both a Savage 120 and the mk2 in person. Diezel. I have a Hagen. I've played a VH4 and Herbert Mk2. I played the Savage mk2 a few days after the Herbert mk2. When I played the Herbert, I was contemplating buying it...
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    Discussing Price Reductions with Luthier

    Before you ask the luthier anything, ask yourself one thing: would you buy a guitar with a one piece neck and solid paint job for $500 cheaper? If the answer is not an immediate yes, consider that you might be wasting his time. IMO, don't sacrifice the laminate neck. I have seen 2 guitars from...
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    Favorite high gain amps

    For metal, my opinion (in the room) Savage > Uberschall > Boosted Rectifier > Diezel > Ultralead
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    Fishman pickups, why so much hatred now?

    Are we talking BKP or Fishman? Honestly can't tell. 10+ years ago it was EMG getting the hate.
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    ESP USA Price Hikes + Reduced Options

    It looks like they just removed transparent finishes. Is there a figured maple shortage or something? I tried to order a quilted maple custom from Taylor and they told me they had no maple, but that was like a year ago... Either way, $5k for a black guitar with no special options?! I would...
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    Diezel: D-Moll or VH2?

    You can buy a better midi controller for far cheaper. Morningstar, Airstep, Nektar if you want more control. You could also look at the Ground Control if you really want to dump so much on a foot switch. The cheap decent option is the Behringer FCB If you just want program changes, literally...
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    Diezel: D-Moll or VH2?

    Sorry should have mentioned this last time... IME, the way to make it tight on channel 3 is to be very careful with the bass and deep knobs. Everything else is pretty solid at noon. IIRC, the deep knob is "zero" at 9:00, not noon. It sacrifices some of the brootalz but makes it less...
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    Diezel: D-Moll or VH2?

    Just because it was manufactured in 89 doesn't mean the sound was popularized by anyone mainstream. I'd say no one popularized the Diezel tone until well into the 2000s. Tool maybe earlier? So if we are talking about "modern sounding", I'd say records popularized 10-20 years ago qualify...
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    People won't just excuse the behavior, they will privately envy people like Gaetz trafficking underage girls for both conception and abortion. Why? Because they want to do that too. Nothing will change because people preach whatever it takes to conform. It's about fitting in and being part of...