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  1. mlp187

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    @Taylord IMO the silver mountain series is incredible. The stock pickups sound awesome, too. Like, switching them with the latest hotness won’t get you anything better, maybe just different at best.
  2. mlp187

    Fender lets go 300 employees

    Dude these come in all the GC and MF mailers too. Fucking nuts.
  3. mlp187

    Fender lets go 300 employees

    California fucking rules.
  4. mlp187

    NG: Ruben Guitars LPJ - Quilt, Limba etc

    Holy moly that is gorgeous! I bet it plays as good as it looks!
  5. mlp187

    Post Your GAS

    I love this thread. Here’s some severe GAS I’ve been supressing for a while and can no longer deny: There is one at my local GC waiting for me to try.
  6. mlp187

    Games that should get remade

    I don’t recall if I’ve followed up from my previous post about Shadowman, so here’s an update: My wettest dreams came true! The game is goddamn glorious and I’ve played through it, nearly 100%-ing it. My kids (very young) liked it too until I got to Deadside, at which point I only played on...
  7. mlp187

    Post Your GAS

    Schecter Guitar Research Solo-II Supreme Electric Guitar See Thru Blue Burst
  8. mlp187

    ESP USA Price Hikes + Reduced Options

    Strong disagree with your first sentence
  9. mlp187

    ESP USA Price Hikes + Reduced Options

    This is a great question, which leads me to ask, why wouldn’t they just fix that? I can’t imagine it’s a tactical or strategic decision, based on how shitty the rest of their public facing website is. But that’s their business, not mine, and I know next to nothing about their internals.
  10. mlp187

    ESP USA Price Hikes + Reduced Options

    Great timing! Looking forward to those NGDs!
  11. mlp187

    ESP USA Price Hikes + Reduced Options

    At this point, for me, I’m not even go to ESP. Their LTDs do the job just fine. I say this as an ESP owner. The ESP prices are fucking coocoo (not in a good way) for what you get, objectively speaking. Let the fanboy hate begin.
  12. mlp187

    Updated Group , bring your sunglasses.

    Dude your ESP and your iceman are hands down the the stuff of dreams. Good for you man. The kiesel is nice too, and I’m stoked for you, but holy shit man, the iceman and green camo horizon are seriously special. Love your collection, and thanks for sharing!
  13. mlp187

    NGD: ESP E-II Horizon FR-II

    Congrats, this finish is so dope, def my favorite finish on their FR offerings.
  14. mlp187

    Current BC Rich Thread

    @Mitri like tarnished? Or gold instead of nickel? Or am I missing a bigger joke?
  15. mlp187

    Your main guitar

    @STRHelvete what a great topic. This thread really has me re-evaluating my collection. I have too many guitars laying around not getting played because I have others that feel better. For example, my M-II gets no love. It’s a great guitar, but I largely ignore it. Same for my SL27, my SGs, etc...
  16. mlp187

    NGD - Ibanez RGR652AHBF-WK

    Dude you made the right choice. Great guitar. It’s not boring at all!
  17. mlp187

    NGD - S2 Standard 24

    Congrats!!! Loving that color!
  18. mlp187

    Your main guitar

    It was until 2019, then bags became the norm, unfortunately. These cases are fantastic! There is storage on the outside too.
  19. mlp187

    Your main guitar

    Ibanez RG7PCMLTD, despite having some seriously heavy hitters in my collection. The craftsmanship is top notch, the PAF7s can do everything well from super low tunings to a spanky single coil sound, and most importantly it feels goddamn amazing to play. This is hands down my most favorite Ibanez...