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    Jeff Loomis signature sustain blocks

    So what they're saying is that it's the best tone rock?
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    Albums with bad guitar tone that actually fit the music well.

    It worked perfectly because of Peter's voice i think. His voice was the main body of their sound. They're my favourite band, and even though i'm a guitarist, they're a band where on most songs i barely even think about the guitars.
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    What game are you playing?

    I was just about to play Spider-Man for the first time (due to the PC release). Installed it, then decided literally at the last minute that i'd do my usual thing of waiting a few weeks to see if a game needs patching. I guess another Sekiro run couldn't hurt.
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    JHS little black amp box???

    It'll definitely do that. I use my big amps all the time at any volume as well, and one of them is pretty fizzy at really low practice volume. This box sorts that out completely.
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    JHS little black amp box???

    I've got one. It's great. I use it mainly for an amp that has a Jose (with associated volume drop). It makes it a lot easier and quicker to adjust the volumes between Jose on and off. It also works great for amps with a twitchy master volume, or a fizzy tone at really low volumes.
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    Divine Heresy is back ft Once Human's Lauren Hart

    I liked that. I remember liking the music but being really bored by the vocals on the previous albums. The screaming was too generic, and the clean parts too clean for me (and i guess generic too haha). That snippet, the music and vocals matched up nicely for my tastes.
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    Anyone actually striving to be more minimalist?

    I've never tried to declutter, but i've never bought stuff very often either. I've bought 2 amps and 1 guitar in the last six or seven years i think. The guitar was solely for a tuning i wanted. Both of the amps were for filling holes in the tones i wanted. I always have a practical reason i...
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    EVH 5150III EL34

    From what i've heard, the blue channel is different. It's looser and flubbier on the 50W. The one rule between all the EVH III seems to be that the blue channel is different on all of them, but the red very similar.
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    OD and distortion pedals in front of high gains amps

    for me... 808 in front of 5150 III types, because it adds a little nastiness, and the 5153 is smooth sounding. For Marshall types the opposite... Dirty Tree/TC clone, because it gives punch while sounding smoother.
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    Dean/Gibson Lawsuit Update: Court orders Dean to halt marketing/production of models

    I had an ML a long time ago. Surprisingly for such a madly shaped guitar, it was the most ergonomic to play sitting down i've ever had, and really comfy standing. Sitting down, It rested nicely in a traditional position, but you can also use the V to hold it in a very secure classical position.
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    What game are you playing?

    Arkham City was a lot shorter than i remembered it. I mainly just did the story quest, but even the actual City was smaller than i remembered. Arkham Knight must have mingled with my memories. On to Arkham Origins now.
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    What game are you playing?

    As predicted, i'm straight on to Arkham City now, with interludes of Sekiro.
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    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    Man, i miss MSN Messenger. The internet isn't half as "social" now as when people spent their time actively talking to each other on that. I'd spend a couple hours or more each night just chatting away with people. Now, it's millions of annoying people taking exactly the same picture of their...
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    Favorite High Gain Lunch Box and Small Amps

    It's not the smallest but... EVH 5150 III 6L6 50w, because it's the best sounding amp at incredibly low volumes i've ever heard. Even at almost whisper quiet volumes it sounds great.
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    Did some EQ tweaking on the Stealth…

    That low presence and low treble is a thing i try with all amps. It's one of the general tones i like, specially in conjunction with a boost. Sometimes it's a bit too dark for straight into an amp, but combined with a boost as well, i get this aggressive mids/growl i love.
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    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    I'm not a direct supporter of that. But if i had to choose between being associated with that or giving money to a child rapist, then i choose cancel culture thankyou very much. But i don't campaign for people to be "cancelled"
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    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    I understand that. I was solely replying to "liking" the film in retrospect. Was just trying to give an example of a feasible, directly transferable situation. I'd not be able to go to anymore movies or buy anything further either.
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    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    Like the film? Probably yes... Directly support the director if he was doing a speaking tour? Well that's up to you. But i couldn't.
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    What game are you playing?

    I happened to see that were doing an Arkham series sale yesterday, and that was enough for me to instantly reinstall Asylum. I'm about halfway through the game already. I'll probably have to go right through the series now. It's almost annoying when this sort of thing happens.