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  1. MattThePenguin

    What guitar pick do you use?

    anything tortex. Any other material I will drop it because I'm a dumbass
  2. MattThePenguin

    Bareknuckle pickup decision.

    I'll give it a shot! Brandon and Kyle absolutely love Warforged, I need to dive into more of it. Been on a huge Ahab kick lately lol edit: found some sound clips between the two and it seems like they're extremely close. The distortions have a weird eq to them that all of the guitar tones I've...
  3. MattThePenguin

    Bareknuckle pickup decision.

    I'm trying really hard to like something that isn't a c-pig because they're too damn expensive. Using Duncan Distortions and there's this weird harshness to them and less thump on the palm mutes, pickup height is the exact same and both bridges are floyds. Only thing is that the Distortions...
  4. MattThePenguin

    If one band was to reunite, who would YOU choose?

    Necrophagist is the first thing that comes to mind for me. I missed seeing Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden, and Dillinger in 2014. I don't really want any of them to come back, I just want to go back in time lol
  5. MattThePenguin

    Any love for Floyd Rose Bridges?

    Used to hate them but a particular guitar that I was drooling over (the one in my pfp actually) had an OFR. When I got it I made it my mission to fully understand the bridge. 2 years later, my hardtail Ibby hasn't been played in almost 9 months.
  6. MattThePenguin

    Quad Cortex or Fractal FM3?

    I'm frustrated too, I'm pretty sure that they thought it wouldn't be as complicated as it supposedly is and jumped the gun by announcing it as a feature. As long as they stay committed and deliver. I stopped buying the plugins until it happens though. When they made the commitment to redesign...
  7. MattThePenguin

    Favorite high gain amps

    ohhhh yeah. It was brutal. The new SLOs are unreal.
  8. MattThePenguin

    Favorite high gain amps

    They were death metal. He was running the SLO and a Recto in stereo, but the Recto wasn't working that night edit: man I'm trying to find live footage but they share a name with a very popular singer lol. Band is called Yatra
  9. MattThePenguin

    Quad Cortex or Fractal FM3?

    Thing about the QC when I got one was it was the same price as the Helix with a much better form factor. It was competitive with the FM3 because it was cheaper than an FM3/FC6 combo. That's not the case anymore. If I was starting with nothing now, I'd have a hard time justifying the QC over the...
  10. MattThePenguin

    Guitar Store “Etiquette”?

    I always play at like barely audible volumes and I remember one of the employees came by and just cranked the volume and was like "you're fine dude relax" lol I have go-to riffs that usually involve big chords and stretches, and riffs where controls would get in the way if they're placed too...
  11. MattThePenguin

    Favorite high gain amps

    Played a fest last month and one of the guys in the other band had one of the modern Soldano 100s I'm gonna go with that haha
  12. MattThePenguin

    ESP USA Price Hikes + Reduced Options

    man that finish is gorgeous
  13. MattThePenguin

    NDSP Quad Cortex vs Mesa Rectifier (models & capture) & initial impressions

    so uhhhhhhh is that recto going on the cloud hehe
  14. MattThePenguin

    Your Albums of 2022 (So Far)

    Keith Merrow Artificial Brain Sadistic Ritual Volcandra Mostly been writing lol hard to find time to sit down with an album
  15. MattThePenguin

    ESP USA Price Hikes + Reduced Options

    I think new guitars are just out of the picture unless I get famous playing black metal (loooooool). Kinda sucks. Makes me appreciate what I have, but I feel for people who want to spec out their first custom or who are just getting into the instrument.
  16. MattThePenguin

    Quad Cortex or Fractal FM3?

    tbf I've owned mine since launch, nothing but positive experiences interacting with the community or the staff, even when discussing various criticisms we all have with the unit. It has served me well and will get better with time, just like all of the units. Not trying to dismiss valid...
  17. MattThePenguin

    NGD Jackson Jeff Loomis SL7

    I want one so bad it hurts my soul knowing it'll probably be retired before I can afford it
  18. MattThePenguin

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Looked up the serial number and it's a pro series SL7 that came out in 2019. Indo made, but it's a 7 with a floyd and a cool ass headstock haha. It's also neck through and comes with duncans, so I jumped on it especially for the price. My Gotoh bridge came in already which I wasn't expecting...
  19. MattThePenguin

    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    I used to hate them but I had only had time to play and track the guitar with a 707 and now I'm starting to think something was wrong with it. I got my ESP in 2020 that came with the 707s and had already ordered Warpigs with the proper mounts to replace them. To my surprise the 707s sounded...
  20. MattThePenguin

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    It is mine! Gonna put some mods in it and clean it up quite a bit before the proper NGD. Also gotta learn how to make pretty threads on this forum again because it has been a while