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  1. A-Branger

    NGD Ormsby Hype GTR run6 in BetoBlue

    potato pic first Specs 25.5" - 27.5" Multiscale BODY: Chambered Swamp Ash with black stain, white binding, and Flame Maple veneer top in BetoBlue color NECK: Laminated Rock Maple, set neck, carbon reinforced rods NECK SHAPE: 19.0 @ 1st - 21 @ 17th D shape FRETBOARD: Ebony FRETWIRE: Jumbo...
  2. A-Branger

    NGD: Ormsby Goliath GTR B&W Veneer top

    Potato pics first. Would take some pro pics later, maybe next week when I have more time got it a couple of days ago. run down: -Made in Korea by WMI -25.5" - 27.8" Multiscale -Chambered Swamp Ash body -Black and White composite wood veneer top -3 piece mapple neck.... lucky enough...
  3. A-Branger

    J Ferro Basses anyone?

    so I came across this brand after seeing it on Instagram suggestions many times anyone has any info on it? experience? bought or play any bass? they were at NAMM so it seems its a new company, like couple of years I think? founded by bass player Jose Ferro...
  4. A-Branger

    NDB Ibanez BTB-33

    yaaaaay new bass for meeee after like 15yrs of playing the same bass :shred: would post more pics latter I promise So I always had Ibanez basses, I love them, they sound great and great bang for the buck and they are light and pretty. So I always wanted another Ibanez as my next...
  5. A-Branger

    Bandhub chat

    Hi, does anyone here use Bandhub for online colabs? I had get some notifications of people asking me to get into a colab from an old youtube video cover I uploaded. I went to check it out and the site looks pretty good, bit basic but cool idea. I tried to record a track for a colab but Im...
  6. A-Branger

    Ormsby Goliath headless GTR - 6, 7, AND 8 string multiscale

    Im creating this tread to talk about this guitar Goliath Headless GTR - Ormsby Guitars - Custom made electric guitars multiscales and basses - Guitar making courses - Multiscale and fanned fret guitars this is for those who havent yet checked the Dealers section I originally posted...
  7. A-Branger

    New Line6 Firehawk 1500

    new for NAMM 2016. basically it is an amplifi but with the firehawk pedal board instead. pretty cool idea so its an amplifi on steroids. I just bought the Firehawk FX couple of months ago and I love it. If I had knew about this one I would have waited instead.
  8. A-Branger

    SBMM NAMM 2016

    They always do some sneak peaks before the NAMM here is what they have posted so far with a $499 USA street price and just posted couple hours ago a SBMM JP15 but wait for it........ in 7 string too! they also mention these are going to include a push-push...
  9. A-Branger

    Steve Vai's Guitar "Bo" Recovered

    from Vai's facebook If Im not wrong this was while setting up for the Tony MacAlpine Benefit Concert in Los Angeles. this person is either someone who doesnt have any clue of what he was doing/stealing, like he/she jsut saw a "guitar" adn took off. OR either its a very very very dumb fan...
  10. A-Branger

    Working on a cruise ship as a musician

    Its something I have been lately thinking about, since I have been playing bass for 16 years already, have been in jazz and latin bands. I do read scores too. I figure while Im still single/no kids I could do something with my bass and do bit of adventure/traveling with it for a season or...
  11. A-Branger

    Bass scale lenght, frets, string question

    I got a couple of questions for you guys wizards of the scales My first one is a bit dumb, and sorry for that. Its about the number of frets vs the distance between them In my mind I think if a bass is 34" scale, the frets positions would be the same regardless of the numbers of frets the...
  12. A-Branger

    Bass Player looking for some project/colaborations

    Hi, Im a bass player as title says. Getting bored at home and due to my age (31) and location (Sunshine Coast, Australia) dont have any bands to be playing with. Im looking to do some playing, get some collaborations, help others to get some bass on their tracks. Bit about me: I have been...
  13. A-Branger

    Repaint just the top of a guitar?

    hi guys, I found an ebay sale of an epiphone explorer body and neck at a really cheap price in order to use it as a project guitar. Problem is that I do not like the colour of the top. The binding and back of the guitar and neck I love it. Just wondering if can I repaint just the top of...