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  1. Adieu

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    I feel like I missed something... who the fuck is Brandon???
  2. Adieu

    U.S Residents Who've Purchased from Thomann

    Thomann ships ridiculously cheaply
  3. Adieu

    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    You hadn't driven in over a year? What happened?
  4. Adieu

    So, why do fretboards have a radius anyway?

    Floyd bridges are actually radiused I *think* a "small" radius (steep curve) is supposed to help you with barre chords (natural finger posture is somewhat curved, not flat straight) and perhaps also strumming accuracy (like you can strum straight down without pulling away much or at all if you...
  5. Adieu

    What is the longest you've gone without tweaking a piece of gear?

    If there's no soldering iron involved, can you really even call it tweaking?
  6. Adieu

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Who cares? If a country wants to fine and jail its citizens for HOW they display its flag... then it doesn't fucking deserve any loyalty or any citizens that appreciate its flag. If we start applying some wacky archaic laws to people we don't like, well, fuck us then. EVEN if said...
  7. Adieu

    Is this Gibson Flying V legit?

    A vee that just HAPPENS to be the only guitar you can "rebrand" with a plastic truss rod cover, that just HAPPENS to be refinished.... idk
  8. Adieu

    Reasonable cost for PIckup repair

    Uhm yeah they're more like 750 now
  9. Adieu

    Comment Section Gold!

    When grooming your part-timers to participate in your weird barn hobby gets to be too much... just throw money at the problem
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    There IS one other move. To make something else unrelated that's GENUINELY important arguably or full-on inadmissible in different court case by provoking (or literally asking!) the feds to improperly seize it as part of this recovery
  11. Adieu

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    WAIT. Maybe TRUMP was the one who begged him to raid him? And not find jack shit or perhaps something laughable? It COULD be a pretty devious high-stakes move to gain some points.
  12. Adieu

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Probably. Or not. The guy's pretty, uh, polarizing. Might be quite a lot of people willing to stake a lot to take his ass down.
  13. Adieu

    JHS little black amp box???

    It's a volume pot in a box This (and anything else like it) work perfectly for serial loops and pretty badly for parallel loops Best application: highgain preamp heavy big high wattage amps, especially 5150/6505 family, which still sounds like itself and can be brought down to whisper-quiet...
  14. Adieu

    Lots of shootings...

    Fine, we'll give you one: Michelle Obama is a bigger man than you'll ever be. 🤣🤣🤣
  15. Adieu

    Fender lets go 300 employees

    Probably going to push into pricier imports and leave USA only for the Gibson Customs-level pricing They couldn't have not noticed people paying $1500-ish money for Indonesia for other brands
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    This will end badly. First off, an unknown but HUGE amount of pregnancies naturally don't result in a baby (probably more than we know, since there was previously no incentive to document all 6 week pregnancies). I can just see it now. Enjoy documenting and proving your non-malicious...
  17. Adieu

    Why are you mad right now?

    There's always people like that. I sometimes deal with a person who remotely translates letters from the same organization addressed to a grand total of two different people (regulators). That's literally all they do. Letters to just two people sent from the same place. After a year, she...
  18. Adieu

    Why are you mad right now?

    They've allegedly ALWAYS behaved this way everywhere, it's just that we have historically lacked coverage and context to understand this properly
  19. Adieu

    Why are you mad right now?

    My beef is currently with UN-branded aid stuff and ICRC. Coverage of Russia's war on Ukraine has shown them to be happily ferrying 4 euro bottled water (per BOTTLE retail in EU, not per case!) from abroad to perfectly supplied cities hundreds of miles from the fighting. And taking up whole...
  20. Adieu

    I just got a new Sweetwater Gear Advisor & I'm Stoked!

    Are you OK? You're stoked because they assigned a different sales rep to your order?