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  1. cardinal

    Jeff Loomis signature sustain blocks

    If I did get one of these, it absolutely would also get googly eyes and a painted mouth so that my guitar can have its own pet rock. Wait... Can I get a signature block too? Don't you dare steal my idea.
  2. cardinal

    Jeff Loomis signature sustain blocks

    Serious question: is it heavier than a tungsten block of the same size?
  3. cardinal

    Either Mark Morton is trolling or he's teasing a little somethin somethin

    The LP modern has a contoured heel, but I really like the Eclipse with the thinner body and belly cut. That helps it feel much more like a superstrat to me. They lack the oomph of a trve LP to me, I'll concede, but the Eclipse still sounds great and I'll sacrifice that little bit for a more...
  4. cardinal

    Random Pics of Your Sevens

    Killer. Love your take on the Classic shape.
  5. cardinal

    So, why do fretboards have a radius anyway?

    It's just a strange feeling. Like you say, almost like the board is convex and curving away from me.
  6. cardinal

    Peavey 6505II (no, not a typo)

    i don't have any news on the 6505II. Just posting to say that I hadn't played my 6505+ in a long time, but plugged in this morning with some ESPs with EMGs and OMG. Amp sounds so killer. Love these things.
  7. cardinal

    Schecter USA pickups Custom Shop

    My white PT8 has a Pasadena Plus bridge and I think Pasadena (normal?) in the neck. The bridge pickup in particular sounds killer. Saturated with a raw, biting top end.
  8. cardinal

    Let's talk about amp volume

    Tube amps of nearly any wattage can get very loud. But nearly all of them have a volume knob so that they also can be played at pretty quiet TV-level volumes. A lot of times that knob is touchy (Mesa!), so you literally have to just tap the master to adjust if you're just in your house trying...
  9. cardinal

    Custom Head Shell Makers

    I've had a headshell made by Sourmash and by Mather. The Sourmash shell was good. The Mather cab was not a perfect fit, but it's hard doing things by mail for obscure amps so I get it (rehousing a combo chassis into a head; apparently the combo chassis used spacers he wasn't expecting), but...
  10. cardinal

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Had to post it; sorry.
  11. cardinal

    Ibanez Unniverse goes Vintage?

    I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but there's no way to make the neck pickup of a 24-fret guitar have the same sound of a 22-fret guitar like a Strat or LP. It just isn't the same.
  12. cardinal

    ESP Owners Club-Show Us Your ESPs!

    Here's the neck tenon on a Standard Series Eclipse (the old one with the rounder cutaway and four knobs) Hard to see with the shielding paint, but it looks to extend about 1/3 of the way into the pickup cavity. A few posts back, I had an image of a MA-CTM, which is a Kiso-built guitar, which...
  13. cardinal

    Random Pics of Your ERG's!

    Not getting a Asuka telecaster is maybe my biggest guitar regret.
  14. cardinal

    an unpopular opinion on Tool.

    I think while they are making increasing efforts to showcase their musicianship, they forgot to try to showcase song writing too.
  15. cardinal

    Struggling with which 7-string with tremolo to buy…

    If you can stomach the price, that Ibanez is going to be your best bet in terms of fretwork and QC if you're not able to play any of them first (which seems likely).
  16. cardinal

    Random Pics of Your ERG's!

    I like how that S7420 creeped into the second pic haha. Nice guitars!
  17. cardinal

    Random Pics of Your ERG's!

    Yeah, the black and white ones were masterworks orders I placed a few years back. The good news is that they are completely flawless. The bad news is that they kinda make every other guitar I play seem like a POS. The fretwork in particular is just otherworldly. I've gotten use to running action...
  18. cardinal

    So, why do fretboards have a radius anyway?

    If you ever play an electric with an infinite/flat radius, you'll immediately realize why most guitars aren't like that lol. At least for my playing/comfort preferences.
  19. cardinal

    Aristides Guitars

    All this talk of the importance of aesthetics in an Aristides thread is wild.
  20. cardinal

    Fender lets go 300 employees

    I think the last few years were very good for them. Problem is that I'm sure the powers that be think the next few years will be very bad for them.