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  1. that short guy

    Your reason/justification for owning more guitars? Help!

    I pretty much either play in standard or drop the lowest string but I have several guitars because they all do something different. One has a trem, the other a piezo, Humbucker, single coils, actives, passives, different woods, etc Basically I went the multiple guitars for specific uses instead...
  2. that short guy

    Any metal bands you don't get?

    Yeah.... I can't stand them. Respect the hell out of them, but can't get into them at all
  3. that short guy

    How do you afford guitars from custom shops and high end instruments?

    A tele of any type/brand/style always peaks my interest
  4. that short guy

    Best Strap Locks: Schaller, Dunlop, other??

    Schaller gets my vote. I've used them for 10 years and have never once had an issue.
  5. that short guy

    How do you afford guitars from custom shops and high end instruments?

    I'm in the military, so I'm definitely not rich I tend to not really spend money on things that aren't food, fuel, or bills too often, and I live well below my means so I normally have a fair amount savings that every now and then I'll use a little of for a guitar.
  6. that short guy

    LTD MH-400B - EMGs: keep or replace?

    Honestly a lot of people have other preferences but EMG 81 and 85 are solid pick ups They sound clear, have a fairly flat EQ curve, and depending on what you like the standard EMGs are a little compressed so that can be a benefit. I Prefer the X series by emg because they're less compressed...
  7. that short guy

    To BOOST or not to BOOST?

    I absolutely love using a clean boost/preamp/EQ pedal Infront of my amp to help tighten things up and give the perception of more gain. So something like a Pepers Pedals dirty tree, Fortin Blade, Boss 10 band EQ. But I generally do not like putting overdrives in front of an amp because they...
  8. that short guy

    Nolly signature "Polymath" BKPs

    More pickup options is always a good thing, but no single pickup is worth paying that price in my opinion
  9. that short guy

    Amps that sound good....when someone else is playing it?

    I got the life of me have never gotten a 5150 to sound good. Like I just can't get it to sound good
  10. that short guy

    So this is a thing, apparently.

    Like a lot of people have said not a fan of his but I like this guitar. My only complaint is the 5 black lines under the strings.
  11. that short guy

    Just Another OD/TS Post - Help!

    Out of the things you listed I would recommend the Seymour Duncan But I would also recommend looking into the Pepers Pedals Dirty Tree.
  12. that short guy

    NGD: JP15 BFR Pink Paradise

    Congrats man, I own the same guitar and it's amazing. Hope you love it as much as I do.
  13. that short guy

    (your opinion needed) Optimum Scale Length for Low F#

    I voted 28, but I honestly think that this is very player specific. I personally use a 9-80 set on both my 8s (one is 27.5" the other is 28") and it works great for me.
  14. that short guy

    I started a youtube channel, need some help

    Thanks guys. I've been pretty quiet on YouTube lately because of work (I'm currently in the middle of field exercise that's going to have me away from home until the 17th but I have a few projects partially done so hopefully I can get those out soon after I get back
  15. that short guy

    Will a .090 fit through a string through on an 8 string with a hipshot?

    I can tell you that a hipshot will take a .090 with no issue (I use one on my 8) but like max said the body might not be able to without a little drilling first. I didn't need too with my DC800 but I have no idea if your SC model will. If memory serves right steph uses a really light guage so...
  16. that short guy

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    wouldn't let me edit my last post, old typo video is gone, new one without typo is up
  17. that short guy

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    I've had this guitar for a little under a week and I love it. I'm not really going to post an NGD thread but I'll at least post in here Also I just realized there is a typo at the end of the video.... damn it lol.
  18. that short guy

    Seacow Cabs (free speaker cabinet IR's)

    Ok let's get the obligatory I'm not being paid to post this statement out of the way. I am not receiving anything from the owner at all for any of the words I am about to say. I don't know if any of you guys know about these IR's yet because I haven't really heard anyone talk about them here. I...
  19. that short guy

    I started a youtube channel, need some help

    So I'm still working on finding a mic for the talking parts but i made another video because I was asked to do a demo what do you guys think of the quality so far. I'm not to happy with the headstock cam shots but everything else I'm fairly happy with Here's the video
  20. that short guy

    Question: What tools do you use to remember and organize song ideas?

    Video myself playing the idea. Helps with remembering notes and rhythms to