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  1. Metropolis

    Ibanez 5121 Prestige string gauge size for dow ntuning

    Ibanez site says it has 10-46 gauge, probably D'addario XL's. 11-54 should feel about the same, but it's way too thick for standard.
  2. Metropolis

    Ibanez 5121 Prestige string gauge size for dow ntuning

    If you like lighter touch on C# 10-52 would be agood starting point, or if you can find something like 11-52, or 11-54 set. Personally for me 11-56 would be too thick. For standard E my preferred set is 9-46. When guitar is set up for C# with a proper string gauge, tuning up back to E creates...
  3. Metropolis

    Another NeuralDSP plugin incoming

    You can sell the license, I did that with Overloud TH3. Neural DSP plugins have an individual license code.
  4. Metropolis

    The SevenString Pet Thread

    "You bought a new guitar again? I see you have a problem."
  5. Metropolis

    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    They don't even have "shitty production". Time I could be more guitar oriented with the arrangements, and The Forest Seasons could have less fizzy sounding guitars/riffs with arrangement too. It's still intentional with a lot of bands with similar soundscape, sometimes it sounds very good and...
  6. Metropolis

    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    My burning hot take is that only most entitled Wintersun "fans" think like that, and they should probably seek some help for their problems. It doesn't seem to be problem to anyone else but their loud and small circle jerking group in social media.
  7. Metropolis

    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    This thread is a definition of gatekeeping.
  8. Metropolis

    What guitar pick do you use?

    :lol: Try the XL-sized versions of Jazz III, they're much better for non-babyhands. Or the Flow ones. I have settled to use these in the last few years, before I played with lot of different Jazz III's.
  9. Metropolis

    For EBMM Petrucci Guitars - Crunch Lab/Liquifire vs Illuminator Set

    They all will do that kind of mostly E-standard tuned music well. But... I just replaced V8 on my RG565 with Illuminator, and I really like it. Open but modern sounding, not too compressed or focused how Evolution can be, and not too much bass and low mids like ToneZone. Definetly has more...
  10. Metropolis

    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    What even is "djent" at this point? Is it just a slur to express how someone doesn't like modern metal? Is this djent?
  11. Metropolis

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    DiMarzio Illuminator for the bridge of my RG565 Genesis, and a white ClipLock strap. I was playing with the idea of having something flashy with the strap, like neon green or one of those Steve Vai swirled ClipLocks in blue, but no... just keep it simple and classy.
  12. Metropolis

    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    These kind of threads exist only to show how bad opinions and taste people have.
  13. Metropolis

    x2n weak high freq, even though it has same EQ chart as TZ which has strong highs?

    Might be that higher output of of X2N can be perceived as darker sound. To me bolt on neck guitars have always been brighter sounding than neck-throughs for example, and fixed bridge tend to have more solid low end. Or it could be setup issue with pickup height. Personally I would keep it...
  14. Metropolis

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    Thomann has a price of 999€ for Laser Blue and Vampire Kiss. Seems like it's same as Fluorescent Orange and Emerald Green finishes.
  15. Metropolis

    Why are you sad right now?

    And their baggy oversized clothes look like shit in my opinion, as it looked in between 90's/00's. Best sort of "timelessness" is to borrow good things from different decades and twist it to sort of a trend, but this is just not one of those in my opinion.
  16. Metropolis

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    I would say that JBM will be around 2500-3000€$, glad they made it a production model, I really like the looks of it and sleek RGA body shape.
  17. Metropolis

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Next week is going to be quite busy gearwhoring wise...
  18. Metropolis

    Which cheaper Ibanez RGs had decent tremolos? Looking for a budget used shred machine with a decent floyd

    Edge Zero II is quite decent, it's on more recent models. Avoid Edge III and Lo-trs 2. This is quite good page about every Ibanez tremolo type bridge. You may not find all the models that way, but in the specific model page has always type of bridge listed...