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  1. Fraz666

    How to approach gear (rant, I guess)

    or you can remove the knob. Often I remove the knob close to the bridge and put the volume in the other one. I hate a knob close to the bridge, damn. Sad but true.
  2. Fraz666

    Post Your GAS

    Big quote, every year
  3. Fraz666

    Baritone guitar as a bass

    Yes I get it, but with stereo I meant to use only 1 cable then split the signal in the pedal board. it can be easier than the use of 2 cables and the guitar mods. Or at least this is what I wanted to try
  4. Fraz666

    Baritone guitar as a bass

    Nice! I always wanted to do something similar, I have a question: why two jack outputs and not a stereo single one?
  5. Fraz666

    Japanese Hamster Content

    Beautiful! One of my dream guitars since 1992
  6. Fraz666

    Morrisoud Recording

  7. Fraz666

    Ibanez RG8=Good first 8 string?

    my RG8 has pros and cons, but I like it and for the price is a good start (150€ used + 50€ 1 Blackouts used). The 27" scale is important
  8. Fraz666

    Game of Thrones

    "Every detail you might have missed in the new ‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 trailer"
  9. Fraz666

    Is Orange Goblin a real band?

    As said, yes they're real. I saw them 19 years ago for the first time (they had 2 guitars) and I met my wife in 2006 at one of their shows, so the're quite important for me :D
  10. Fraz666

    New Harley Benton FanFret-8

    so I bought this one, I replaced the pu with an EMG 81-7 and is splendid. also, it was a B-stock (= used)
  11. Fraz666

    How do you know when a song is finished? And how to finish it faster?

    Me: in rehearsals, when I think the song is ok I record it and I listen to it after 4/5 days
  12. Fraz666

    Wireless system help??

    Hello! I need a wireless system, I'm looking for the Line6 Relay G50 but I would like to know if now there is something similar and cheaper. I don't care so much about the duration of batteries or how far I can go (10m is enough and I play 1h max) but I use high gain amps so the signal must be...
  13. Fraz666

    NAD: Randall Content

    Any clues on when it well be available in Europe? My credit card is on fire
  14. Fraz666

    Some memes for (Rules Posted in OP -- Please Read)

    I think the practice isn't for the technique, it is for playing together: not so easy without drums and with a note every 30 seconds I saw them once and they were insanely precise and heavy
  15. Fraz666

    Drummer From Canada - Hello

  16. Fraz666

    Per Nilsson now playing with Meshuggah

    I agree, but I think they can't miss the opportunity of an USA tour. Job is job.