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  1. bloc

    World's Greatest Drummer?

    Meg White
  2. bloc

    New fallujah not good?!!!

    I don't listen to these guys much, but I didn't mind the new song. It's a little more on the "core" side but it'll be a fun track to play at the gym. Great solo too.
  3. bloc

    NGD: Daemoness Baritone V (Medieval Woodcut)

    That is one unholy duo
  4. bloc

    NGD: Aristides Galaxy Sparkle (Out of This World...)

    Nice man that finish is unreal. And coincidentally I have my very first Aristides being delivered to me today. Really excited.
  5. bloc

    Why do you play the guitars you play?

    It's all I can afford lol
  6. bloc

    What guitar picks do you use ?

    I once used the corner of an old credit card as a pick
  7. bloc

    What guitar picks do you use ?

    Gravity Picks. More specifically I use their 1.5 mm Sunrise model.
  8. bloc

    NGD - Big Fugly Gibson?

    That looks sick, reminds me of snake skin or something
  9. bloc

    NGD: Kiesel K-Series K6C

    Looks beautiful. The top reminds me of the painting Starry Night
  10. bloc

    Gibson Files for Bankruptcy

    Hopefully this drives up the price of my Epiphone Elitist Les Paul lol
  11. bloc

    NGD: PRS Private Stock Pomegranate Baritone

    MERCY that quilt top...
  12. bloc

    ESP E-II Horizon NT-7B Australian Exclusive Limited Edition

    Holy mother of mercy, that's one the nicest guitars I've seen in recent memory
  13. bloc

    NGD: My 2nd Cilia Guitars Custom CGA7 (Buckeye Burl goodness)

    Your studio > your guitar
  14. bloc

    NGD: Daemoness Hadian 'AntiChrist' V

    God damn that thing is unholy haha
  15. bloc

    That new Agile Epic though

    I am now hungry for some watermelon
  16. bloc

    NGD: Kiesel Osiris OM7

    Looks really nice
  17. bloc

    The HAARP Machine is Back...

    Seems like everyone and their mom has those trendy Fishman Fluences in their guitars now. I never see EMG's anymore.
  18. bloc

    Connecting with guitars?

    I'd keep playing it until it clicks, which might or might not happen. Happened with a JPX I currently own. Sometimes, it "clicking" could depend on using it for a particular song or something.