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    If one band was to reunite, who would YOU choose?

    Mine from 10y ago. It was a blast. Even though I didnt care much for one of the member's attitude, I always look back fondly on that time frame. Seriously, though: Killswitch Engage during the Howard era. Never been a Jesse fan. At least Howard's live performances came come close to the...
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    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    My first thought when I first heard Silence In the Snow was "Wait, are you sure THIS isn't the one that David Drain-man produced?" 'Until the World Goes Cold' is the hardest hitting P.O.D track, not written by them, ffs.
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    Your First Live Concert-

    In 2005, I went to see a coworker 's band in an opening slot for Devildriver. Honestly, I didn't give a shit about Devildriver. Them headlining was just a coincidence to me. I'd never heard of them before, anyway. I was just psyched to even know somebody who played in a band. I would've...
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    7 string suggestion(medium budget)

    I've personally been looking at used Schecter Banshee Mach 7's. Specs are pretty sick. Also the LTD M1007 HT. I saw a few sub-$1000 listings.
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    What do you dislike about your favorite guitar you own?

    The Fishmans in my LTD M1000 HT. They sound kinda shrill. Also, I personally dgaf about "versatility" or "options". I prefer the simplicty of my JL600: 1 vol, 1 toggle, done. The EMG 81/60 setup is also thicker and smoother than the Fishmans.
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    NGD Charvel Sean Long

    HNGD. I was gas'ing for a san dimas 1 for a minute. I was searching the webs for a black ht with ebony board and hh layout. Apparently they dont exist. This is the closest thing. Id be down to grab this, but I already have 2 other guitars w actives.
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    Random Pics of Your Rig

    The loudest dust magnet I know.
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    Random Pics of Your ERG's!

    Recently acquired my 1st 7 string. Here it is, plugged into my dusty azz rig. NGD post pending...
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    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    As a fan, and with great fondness for them, I sense that: When Veil of Maya swapped singers, they made a solid decision to basically be Periphery’s younger sibling. Also: Marc should just put down the guitar and produce EDM, If he’s not already doing so. it’s blatantly obvious he’s expending...
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    What percent of guitar/amp/gear sales are for "metal" vs. other genres?

    This is how I imagine the fanbase for Ibanez, Schecter, Jackson, etc. Imagine some touring guy, or session hipster (or hired gun for a major pop act) rocking a faded burl flame top, fanned fret spectacle, to get the job done. That person possibly wouldn't get too far. "Metal" setups dont exactly...
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    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    Or Down II: Even Lower (as far as cash grabs go). Phil will attempt to strain through his lines, then just give up halfway through. All night, he'll just be going "Fuckin sing It!". "Lemme hear ya!". "What is it?". "C'mon!". "Louder!"
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    Should I upgrade from the Line 6 UX2 to a different sub-$300 interface?

    For years Ive repeatedly contemplated upgrading my Line 6 UX2 interface. I got it in 2011, and it has served me well, for the most part. Around the time the Focusrite Scarlett came out, I considered getting one. Then I read somewhere that it’s not much of an upgrade. Also I would hear about the...
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    Lancaster Audio Pulse and Amped Roots with Mac OS El Capitan?

    Yeah. Tbh, I didnt really expect much. I already have 3 other cab loaders (including the fluff sim), so the LA Pulse IR is kind of redundant. I was just curious to see whats different. Also, apparently its made by the same company that does the Nadir, which I already have. So, at this point, I'm...
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    Lancaster Audio Pulse and Amped Roots with Mac OS El Capitan?

    I downloaded and installed Lancaster Audio Pulse IR loader, but it's not showing up in the plugin list in my daw. Also, I have Amped Roots Fluff v 1.2.2, and it works fine. So I downloaded the update, but it wont install. I keep getting this pop up: I'm running Mac OS El Capitan. Anybody know...
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    What's YOUR favorite metalguitar tone?

    Pretty iconic shit. I’m loving the sounds on the more recent stuff (2009 and forward). Burn the Priest self titled New American Gospel Meshuggah Chaosphere, Obzen, Catch 33, Violent Sleep Anything by Cannibal Corpse
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    Can The Orange Super Crush 100 Handle 8 Strings?

    True guitar player form.
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    Way of the Gearwhore

    Yessir. Historically this has been why I can't have nice things, like my own crib. This is how I feel about the old Mesa Triple Rec/oversized cab I let go, almost a decade ago. I learned that other amps were more satisfying/fun (pretty much every non Mesa amp I've owned), as well as easier to...
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    Games that should get remade

    Goldeneye. They attempted one for Wii back in the day, but it was meh. Just hit differently.
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    Mid life crisis purchase

    Congrats on your new membership with the 4 Decade Club. I was also issued my card recently.
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    PRS Tele shape seemingly in the works now

    Might as well. If not for the sheer novelty of the design, then at least just to trigger tele snobs. Much like the spectacular salt fest, which erupted amongst the fragile strat-jerk boiz.