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  1. beerandbeards


    A friend got me the Fender lego set for my birthday. Haven’t had time to build yet but it’s a neat idea. Also still have to build the UCS Luke’s Landspeeder.
  2. beerandbeards

    Gibson Should Buy B.C. Rich

    Can I just get a new Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth already? I’ve been very patient.
  3. beerandbeards

    The Les Paul thread

    2020 Standard 50s neck
  4. beerandbeards

    I was there

    I saw Brain Drill
  5. beerandbeards

    What game are you playing?

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge. Great nostalgic feeling side scroller beat ‘Em up. Played online with my brother and nephew and it was everything you’d want.
  6. beerandbeards

    Post Your GAS

    I love that color! I re-tolexed my mesa mark v25 in seafoam and added a wicker grill cloth just like this.
  7. beerandbeards

    Current BC Rich Thread

    Still no Chuck Schuldiner imports available?
  8. beerandbeards

    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    Yeah dude sucks. I’ve kind of let myself go recently as well. Haven’t been eating healthy and taking my vitamins. At least three other family members not including my wife have tested positive and we’ve been in contact with each other within the week. I seem to have had the worst of it.
  9. beerandbeards

    Covid 19/Coronavirus

    Damn it guys. After over two years of dodge covid like Neo in the matrix, I have got it. Vaxxed and boosted as you know, stayed diligent up until recently feeling like I can be more relaxed…. Nope. Feel like I’ve had a bad flu since Friday. Woke up with a sore throat which evolved throughout...
  10. beerandbeards

    Trevor Strnad dead at 41

    Lord below, your abysmal horrors we call forth. Awaken, rise up and cleanse this Earth with fire!
  11. beerandbeards

    Trevor Strnad dead at 41

    I remember finding the video for “Contagion” on video on demand back in like 2004. The sound was new to me and I was hooked. Bought Unhallowed as soon as possible. Saw them several times at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh. Always a band I loved but sort of faded around Deflorate but came back with the...
  12. beerandbeards

    Good albums with disappointing sound/production

    Morbid Angel “Covenant”. It’s just too quiet and I have really crank it. I’d love a 30th anniversary remaster
  13. beerandbeards

    New Rammstein song and album (April 29th)

    A lot of four on the floor. It really drives songs like Zick Zack
  14. beerandbeards

    What are you listening to?

    Man Kreator fucking rules