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  1. scherzo1928

    Another hobby of mine

    As I've said on several ocasions, I have bit time trouble sleeping. Thus I pick up a new hobby now and then. This one started a few years back, and I recently picked it back up again. I love Rubik's cubes and all sorts of variations on them. These are some of the ones I've got. In...
  2. scherzo1928

    The UNofficial Video Thread

    I think that the bands that most of us listen to don't make music videos, but a lot of their fans do... Sooo, if you know of any unofficial videos post them in here. Since I'm a gigantic Ayreon fan, I'll start this off with Waking dreams. dat synth solo! hnnnnnnn
  3. scherzo1928

    Mexican Goku (lols inside)

    No a dragon Ball fan at all, but holy shit, this thing is fucking awesome! Don't need to know spanish to laugh, but knowing it will make you piss your pants :rofl:
  4. scherzo1928

    Let's play a game!

    Sooo, record your self playing a riff or solo or anything from a song (doesn't need to be a vid) and let's see if anyone can guess it. Would be nice if the guesser uploaded the next song, if he (she (yeah right)) doesn't want to upload next, someone else do it. So, I'll start with 2 clips, one...
  5. scherzo1928

    NGD... Sister

    Alrighty, here is the other NGD... and last one I'll have in a while. Specs: Strings: 6 Scale:648mm (25.5 ish inches) Body: 1 Piece very lightweight Mahogany, Hella Chambered Top: Thick slab of granadillo with flamed maple binding. Total body thickness: WELL over 2" Neck: 1 piece granadillo +...
  6. scherzo1928

    NGD, fcuk yeah! Walnut!

    As some of you know, One day I decided to take on Luthiery as a hobby, and I build guitars with a handsaw, a drill press and a router. Just finished another axe, and here is it's build story on crack. A few months ago I got this in the mail Cut a gigantic piece of mahogany Made a neck...
  7. scherzo1928

    A Box of things and stuff.

    I realized I never do picstories that involve boxes, so this thread starts with a box! Going to start a new build! This guitar is a guift to my brother in law. Except he doesn't know I'm building him anything. First off. Somewhat wild quilted maple top, and a birdseye maple fingerboard...
  8. scherzo1928

    One very decent saturday.

    Alright, so this saturday I got up really early and drove an hour to a race track to what I had been told would be a very special event. They gave us breakfast and then sent us out to the track. These are the cars that we would be using for various tests. We did a slalom on the Jeep. Full...
  9. scherzo1928

    I took yer Jeub!

    Sooooo, Got a job. I applied to 2 big ass companies, passed through all filters on both and ended up being able to choose the one I wanted. I'm now an official part of the Ford Family!! The other company I applied to has a pretty hardcore recruitment process, I calculated the odds of being...
  10. scherzo1928

    Euro 2012

    So, who would you like to win/ who do you think will win? I think Spain still plays the best football in the world, but I'm not sure it will be enough this time... Perhaps the Netherlands? Anyways, I watched a tiiny bit of the opening ceremony, and loved to hear Chopin's Opus #25 right off...
  11. scherzo1928

    Time to clean up!

    Alright, we have had favorite riff threads before... But, what's your favorite CLEAN "riff"? First that comes to mind is that one riff in Benighted by Opeth Yeah, um... You can't beat this: Fothermucker can play the guitar! Honorable mentions to: Evergrey - Madness caught another victim...
  12. scherzo1928

    New Diablo Swing Orchestra album!!

    Oh how I've waited for it, and it's almoast here! They posted a song earlier, and I'm enjoying the fuck out of it.
  13. scherzo1928

    Drunk guy gets arrested and sings...

    ... Bohemian Rhapsody :agreed: I just wish the officers would have had some sense of humor and helped him with the chorus.
  14. scherzo1928

    2 new builds!

    Alright, now that I'm healthy again, I'm back into building guitars. I'll be making 2 "sister" builds. Same shape, but completely different in every other way. First off... the wood. You already know this ones: Bastogne walnut top, and birdseye maple board. Next (and I just got this...
  15. scherzo1928

    YESSS With a Ziltoidian accent

    I think that everyone who frequents this part of the forum knows of my love for aluminum (Aluminium for the nice folk from across the pond) jigs and rigs and everything aluminum. Well, one thing led to another, and I'm left with this...
  16. scherzo1928


    Disclaimer: long read... and I'm not dying... just bored out of my mind So, last thursday I woke up with a little bit of a cold. No big deal, I only had a sore throat really, so I didn't think much of it. Went to school (my classes are at night) didn't feel too bad at all. Barely got 1 hour...
  17. scherzo1928

    Animal violence!

    I found this pretty damn funny. Hope you enjoy it.
  18. scherzo1928

    New Schallers!

    Anyone seen the Schaller Da Vinci tuners? link: Machine Head "Da Vinci" () | Schaller-Electronic Quite probably the sexiet tuners in existence... I really want a few of them.
  19. scherzo1928

    Heart transplants... the mexican way

    I'll sum it up very quickly. Person dies in Queretaro (couple of hours from Mexico city by car). Heart travels by plane to Mexico city's airport, then by helicopter to right outside a Hospital. Police stops all traffic so the helicopter lands in front of the hospital (don't know why the hell it...
  20. scherzo1928

    Man from the future is arrested!!

    Ok, check this one out. Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future | CNET UK My favorite bit was "Mr Cole was attempting to disrupt by stopping supplies of Mountain Dew to the experiment's vending machines. " :rofl: