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  1. ayambakar

    My friends's band: Down For The Count. (free music!)

    So, I think this is the month of releases, eh... :agreed: Red Seas Fire's EP, Volumes's VIA stream, Dream Theater's upcoming album... well, my friends from Simi Valley, a band called "Down For The Count", just released their EP titled "Cutting Ties". :hbang: just head down to Down For The...
  2. ayambakar

    Problem Recording on FL Studio 8 :(

    Hey people :wavey: So I tried using amp simulators and impulses today. Although it sounds amazing, there are 2 problems I can’t overcome yet: 1. The crazy noise. I’m playing high-gain stuff here. 2. The clean channel gets recorded with the distorted channel. Wtf? :squint: I’m using...
  3. ayambakar

    Confusion related to forum history, and needs answers quick.

    Hei all, so I've been lurking around here for quite a while now. There are 2 things that I have in mind right now, and it disturbs me because I can't find any answers through the forum search. :scratch: One is about a profile named Desecrated. So far I've learned what banned people's profile...
  4. ayambakar

    Tuner Suggestion?

    So I have the budget of US$120 for this. I have no idea what should I get, just because there are so MANY guitar tuners out there. I have a seven, tuned AEADGBe so I will need a tuner that will detect that low A... Any suggestions? Based on value for the price, sturdiness, battery...
  5. ayambakar

    G5 Project. Ever heard of them?

    So I searched the forum and felt the need to share this amazing guitar group from Japan. Consisted of 5 guitarists & Axe-FX users ( G5 Project ) they made really beautiful music. Their technicality and melody is crazy. they have beautiful guitars :yesway...
  6. ayambakar


    I know that before I sign up for SSO, I've been seeing (and loving, to be honest) Guitar Of The Month section... and just recently I realized that it has been taken down. anybody knows a legit reason / case behind this? :scratch: Mods? thank you in advance
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  8. ayambakar

    Hipshot Trem 7-string

    on this site: 7 String US Contour Tremolo Chrome > Store > Hipshot Products does this work well with Ibanez RG7321? If not, what kind of guitars (below US$300 price) can be modded to fit these? thanks, noob :lol:
  9. ayambakar

    Ibanez RG7420

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Ibanez RG7420 / Ibanez RG7321(FM) / Ibanez S7420 / Schecter Damien 7 FR. Additional Accessories: any case, soft or hard. Changed pickups are fine. Your Location: Simi Valley, California, USA International OK?: no Contact Info: [email protected] References...
  10. ayambakar

    Ibanez / any 7-string with floating trem

    Read the rules - Try again.