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  1. patata

    Bass rig help

    Hey So after selling my guitar some dudes robbed our house and now I ahve no money for a guitar,so I'll start playing bass with a loaner I have.I have about 40EUR cash,and a line 6 POD300. I want a fat distorted tone as well as some killer cleans.I have a Fender 1979 Pbass,I want to route...
  2. patata

    Tattoo cover up ideas/Need suggestions

    So I was impatient and did a ghetto tattoo that I want to cover up.It's pretty big as well:wallbash: Best photo I have. I'm thinking of getting it all black and having another tatoo on the other side of my hand.Or getting it faded with removal cream and having something else done...
  3. patata

    Sasha Grey now an EDM DJ

    Ex-Porn Star Sasha Grey Is Now An EDM DJ | on PULP-o-meter » music headlines whilst hot | PULP Magazine Apart from her porn,I enjoyed this as well.
  4. patata

    /FS Baritone 6er for Vintage/Stoner looking 6ers/baritone 7's

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:Custom made by Panagiotis Lampis(THE ART OF WOOD) Modifications (if any):no Accessories (hardshell case etc):none Location (City,State or City,Country):Thessaloniki,GR International OK? : you pay Contact Info (No Phone #s) here References (eBay or...
  5. patata

    D16 Nepheton help

    Anyone knows how to multitrack nepheton? Thanks
  6. patata

    Anyone knows any gospel/soul vocal solos like this Well actually,the serious version of this style. I'd love to hear some vocal solos like this.I can't seem to find any. Thanks
  7. patata

    Regarding tattoos(Stockholm)

    Hello I will be moving to Stockholm for Uni. in September and I was wondering if anyone knows how tolerant people are there ragarding tattoos. I have 2 as of now(in my forearms) but I want to have my neck done as well as hand and calf sleeves. Anyone has any experience? Thanks
  8. patata

    Things Crowd does but it shouldn't

    I am really frustrated from people(especially some thrashers) that find it gay to not mosh or participate on a wall of death. I also find stupid to(I don't know if it's done in other places) swear and tell the band to .... off.I don't know why it's happening. What annoys you the most?
  9. patata

    Pink Guy released an album!

    Anyone familiar with FilthyFrank should know that Pink Guy has been working on an album. Well,it's out! Anyone not familiar with FilthyFrank:
  10. patata

    Strings Gauges for Fender P Bass

    Hey So I found a place as a bassist in a band and they're playing in AADG,Drop C,Drop A#. I have a 1979 Fender P bass,which has a 32'' neck IIRC. What gauges should I get for these tunings,the bass itself was a gift and I never changed strings.I have no clue as for...
  11. patata

    Where can I listen to samples of downtuned(>G) Randall V2/Marshall JCM 900

    I'm thinking of getting rid of pedalboard and amp sims. I loved the vintage tone of the JCM and the tightness of the V2(I tried on in B standard). I think Danza used a tuned JCM 900.I can't seem to find any V2 samples around that range though.
  12. patata

    Bring me the horizon song help anyone knows the jam at the beggining?sounds so cool and the tone is phat.
  13. patata

    Tone feedback Made on a POD HD300 using the ENGL Fireball(Preamp) with an ENGL 4x12 and various mics(67-87 cond and an sm57) and a Treadplate(first tone)with a 4x12 ENGL and 67(or 87) cond. Drop E on 27'',EMG81. They're panned 89% L and R.
  14. patata

    Fancying vacation in Greece?

    sorry if this isn't the right section Is anyone fancying vacations in Greece? My mom is in charge of a hotel in Chalkidiki,GR for a few years now and she asked me to share it around,so since a majority of users here are based in EU...
  15. patata

    Thoughts on the new Mastodon? I find it to be typical Mastodon,bone crushing,trippy and awesome. Super pumped about the album! Thoughs?
  16. patata

    Most doom-stoner guitar shape?

    I'm thinking of making myself a guitar for teh lulz. I was thinking maybe something similar to a First Act Sheena,or an explorer,or a mustang. Need something vintage,yet weird. It's gonna have 1 pickup,pickguard,caramel or silverburst finish. any input is welcomed.
  17. patata

    Most doom-stoner guitar shape?

  18. patata

    Anyone can provide Female Acapellas(isolated)?

    So I'm working on my electronic project and I need some vocals. Does anyone have any sort of Female vocal acapellas I could use for free? Not jazzy and stuff,would prefer something in minor scale. Thanks a lot
  19. patata

    Kid commits suicide because of ''heavy'' music

    Sixth-form pupil, 16, found hanged at home after viewing death metal bands on YouTube | Mail Online Discuss
  20. patata

    Anyone has 1:1 First Act Sheena model PDF's?

    So I'm looking to make a super basic stoner/doom machine. Anyone has 1:1 accurate plans for a sheena model? Thanks!