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  1. Ruins

    NBD BTB7

    i will start with the pictures first the neck doesn't feel bulky at all i find it comfortable and now for some family shots 3 beasts and all have different character SRT905dx SR1206VNF BTB7 and off course the higher register ladies...
  2. Ruins

    Cow bells?! yes! Cow Bells.

    well, we all love metal, we all love Djent, we all love super massive drums sound and yet we all seam to be lacking of something... hmmmmm :scratch: COWBELLS! :idea: Link: True Cowbells
  3. Ruins

    One song and possibly all metal geners in.

    Hey guys, I came across this video of a guy playing a medley of metal genres. thoughts?
  4. Ruins

    CAD Model - 8 String LoPro Bridge

    so some one contacted me with a request to do an 8 string bridge for his future build, who ever you are, here it is, enjoy. Guitar bridge 8 string - Autodesk Inventor, Other, STEP / IGES, STL for 3D - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD
  5. Ruins

    NBD (abit very late) Ibanez SRT905DX

    abit very much delayed NBD sorry about that all that time i just didn't have the right weather light and what not. ok, enough of this first the :playboy: and then the :blahblah: let me put it this way, this bass is FUCKING AWESOME. ok now that we...
  6. Ruins

    Freebie CAD Tremolo bridge and other parts

    yep! just like the title of this thread suggests... :cool: This Freebie is my „thank you“ to all the artist communities on the web that keep on kicking...
  7. Ruins

    HEADSUP beginners, tutorials... lots of them...

    Audiotuts+ | Audio and production tutorials, from beginner to advanced. really nice page with lots and lots of tutorials. should really help you to get started. post similar links here
  8. Ruins

    HEADSUP! TSE808 is out (tubescreamer sim) • View forum - TSE 808 download link another mind blowing awesome vst from TSE. blows the shit out of TSS (BTE's Tubescreamer Secret) go check it out!
  9. Ruins

    VST Plugins page/blog

    myVST - VST Demo & Free Plugins - Virtual Instruments, Effects, Audio Tools, Samples and Loops awesome page/blog for free VST plugins with demonstrations worth checking even if you are not a n00b, you might discover something new!
  10. Ruins

    Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch Custom 7

    this looks god damn nice i really like it almost my design it in 7 :squint: this missing piece of wood on the neck sure does esthetically looks wrong but if it works for him, well... why not. what do you guys think of this?
  11. Ruins

    My Baritone Death Kelly building thread (tutorial, lots of pics)

    My Baritone Death Kelly building thread (my 2cents tutorial, lots of pics) Warning, contains lots of pics prepare yourself for a VERY long read. Big thank you goes to and this places helped me a lot collecting valuable information by watching how others do...
  12. Ruins

    Binaural recording/playback/mix

    does any one knows here anything about it besides what wiki says? are there any plugins for mixing audio this way? are there other similar stereo 3D sound effect for mixing? Binaural recording - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia QSound Labs, Inc.: 3D Audio Enhancement, Virtual Surround Sound...
  13. Ruins

    Red Alert 2 Hell March 2 cover

    <div style="width:473px; border:solid #999999 1px; background-image:url('')"> <a href=''> <div style="background-color:width:460px; height:45px; cursor:pointer...
  14. Ruins

    05Ric ergonomic ERB Bass + Guitar rig 3

    sounds cool and interesting design of the instrument as well. Building the Ergonomic Guitar Blog: Guitar Designs and Guitar Making. some more on this guitars
  15. Ruins

    Andi vax - Mixing Secrets

    very cool and full of useful tips and tricks video tutorial. highly recommended to watch! this video is not focusing only on mixing metal and guitars in fact it has less on the subject, its all about mix and great one of any kind. Index of/academy/ANDIVAX-MixingSecrets_Video_Tutorial/
  16. Ruins

    My first mod project (Carving Content inside, 56k= unfriendly)

    i have finally decided to share some of my work. this is my first guitar carving project. this is garbage dimavery that i have got my self a year ago from ebay for 60€ and by garbage i mean it is very badly made. it is impossible to bring the low B string in to intonation because there is not...
  17. Ruins

    Conklin GTBD-7 7 String Bass on EBAY

    Conklin GTBD-7 7 String Bass Guitar neck-thru wine bei E-Bässe (endet 17.08.08 13:41:11 MESZ)
  18. Ruins

    Sad news, George Carlin died....

    i don't think there is any point to say how bummer it is YouTube - Comedian George Carlin Dead at Age 71 i fucking love that guy
  19. Ruins

    Side project band HARDCORE influence

    this is my side project i did with the guitar player /singer / song writer before i moved to germany. back then i was into power metal music and had power metal band so off course hardcore and other styles like that sounded weird and crappy to me but there was something about his music that...