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  1. patata

    The Car Thread

    Anyone has any experience importing a car USA to EU? Costs etc
  2. patata

    Bass rig help

    Hey So after selling my guitar some dudes robbed our house and now I ahve no money for a guitar,so I'll start playing bass with a loaner I have.I have about 40EUR cash,and a line 6 POD300. I want a fat distorted tone as well as some killer cleans.I have a Fender 1979 Pbass,I want to route...
  3. patata

    14 Guitars

    Got rid of that gibson doublecut?
  4. patata

    Tattoo cover up ideas/Need suggestions

    ^Greek fashion
  5. patata

    Tattoo cover up ideas/Need suggestions

    Haven't thought of ''retouching'' it.I'll talk to some shops and see where it leads me.
  6. patata

    Tattoo cover up ideas/Need suggestions

    I'm talking about my right arm.I think that it would be cool to leave his head and cover the beard somehow.
  7. patata

    Tattoo cover up ideas/Need suggestions

    So I was impatient and did a ghetto tattoo that I want to cover up.It's pretty big as well:wallbash: Best photo I have. I'm thinking of getting it all black and having another tatoo on the other side of my hand.Or getting it faded with removal cream and having something else done...
  8. patata

    /FT 1993 Gibson Explorer w/ Nailbombs (Black)

    6string baritone superstrat?
  9. patata

    Epiphone Explorer

    6 string superstrat bari+cash on your end?
  10. patata

    Boom, phrasing! (dual RG7321 refinish content)

    yeah it was an irony,your hand are like 1,5 the normal size.
  11. patata

    Sasha Grey now an EDM DJ

    Ex-Porn Star Sasha Grey Is Now An EDM DJ | on PULP-o-meter » music headlines whilst hot | PULP Magazine Apart from her porn,I enjoyed this as well.
  12. patata

    GCI Guitars (God City Instruments): Kurt Ballou of Converge design guitar

    ^What band? I'm really looking to purchase one.
  13. patata

    Strictly 7 Isn't Finishing Your Guitar Because Jim is too Busy Getting Laid Online

    I still don't get why it is so funny.
  14. patata

    Help me find robes! (What are your stage clothes)

    I guess normal clothes are outdated
  15. patata

    /FT: PRS SE Mushok & Partscaster

    trade with a birtone 6er?
  16. patata

    FS: Gibson Firebird

    Any interest on a trade?