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  1. LunatiqueRob

    NGD: Strandberg Plini Edition Neck-Thru

    I got this recently, and finally had time to take some photos: This is my 9th guitar, and 2nd Strandberg (the other one is a Standard 6 HSS Tremolo in bengal burst). I got it mainly because I wanted a neck-thru Strandberg, and I realized I don't like having a middle pickup which my pick...
  2. LunatiqueRob

    Most versatile/comfortable tuning for 8-string?

    I'm having an Aristides H/08 built right now, and since it's a tremolo version, I'd want them to set it up using the tuning I'll give them. This will be my first 8-string so I haven't had the chance to experiment with different 8-string tunings. On 6-string, I use standard E tuning for most...
  3. LunatiqueRob

    Recommendation for lightweight 8-string guitar with coil-splitting/tapping?

    I'm in the market for my first 8-string (I played 6-strings since the mid-80's), and although I could just plop down the $2,295 for a Strandberg Metal NX 8 (my top choice, as I already own a Strandberg and love how lightweight and ergonomic it is), but since it's my first 8-string, I thought I'd...